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Readers Write - Bryan's Big Bumper

Andy’s note:  Today’s guest  post from Reader Bryan is an RV DIY dealio.  If any of you other folks feel you have something to say and would like it to see the light of day on MyOldRV, check out the process here.  Ain’t that hard, ya know?


By Bryan


Bumper to be replaced

This whole thing started because I wanted more storage.  When we bought our 1978 Nu-Wa it had a small rear bumper on it that I was not happy with, I wanted one of those bumpers that the sewer hose could be stored in.  After talking to friends, the same friends we purchased the motorhome from, I came to learn the the bumper that was on the motorhome was not the one that came with it when they purchased it. That bumper was a little bigger, had a place to store the hose and a small “deck” to store other things. It also has a place to add provisions to transport our kayaks. I thought that would be much better than just one that could store just a hose, talk about a bonus!

Toie gives me 'the look'

Right before I wanted to pick up the “new” bumper, I ended up with an umbilical hernia. I can tell you that it is no fun when your belly button starts to resemble one of those pop-out turkey timers that Butterball is so proud of. A visit to the doc, who quickly scheduled me to see the surgeon resulted with me having surgery ten days after originally finding something wrong. This turn of events of course this caused a delay of my plans.

To aid in my recovery, Toie thought it would be best to move the camper to another friend’s place so that I would not be alone while she was working or running other errands. Lucky for me, this particular friend owns a welding business and offered to help me pick up the bumper and then let me do some minor repairs in his shop while I recovered.

When we picked up the bumper (I was not allowed to help), we quickly discovered that it weighs close to 100lbs, is very awkward and also requires at least two people to move it around. We put it outside of the shop and it remained there for a few weeks.

Toie paints the bumper

After a few weeks had passed I felt good enough to try and tackle the repairs to the bumper. While still under doctors orders not to be lifting more than ten pounds, I solicited some help and got it in the shop and began doing some of the repairs. After patching a couple small holes in it I convinced Toie to come down and spray paint over the new welds. I believe she may have ended up painting the whole thing.


After letting the paint dry a couple days I thought wanted to get this thing out of the shop and back on the camper where it belonged. So I proceeded to remove the old bumper in preparation for the new one. Once I got the motorhome down to the shop I had to solicit extra help again (that pesky doctor ordered weight restriction again) to install it. My buddy ended up welding the bumper to the motorhome as well as it being bolted for a little more piece of mind seeing that it is quite a bit larger than the old one.

Final product

Now we have a nice big rear porch that the view changes from whenever we wish.  Do me a favor though, if you ever see us out and about and I am backing up, look out, I’ve already killed one mailbox.

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2 comments to Readers Write – Bryan’s Big Bumper

  • Bryan

    Part of the original bumper just became a spare tire mount and base for the cell amp. Still working on the mast though.

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  • Now see, that would fit a washing machine just perfect.

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