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All Star List

An oldie picture from back in the day when we could have alcohol and firearms onboard the Old Girl -- and the Belmont is today so it seems fittin'. I wrote many a post sippin' on some Blanton's

I was out and about early this AM doin’ RVing type stuff while it was cool. It is not hardly 8am yet down here in the South Texas Brush Country and the temp is already 84 degrees. Time to retreat inside to the coolness and pass the time until end of shift.

Just for the hell of it, I pulled up the ten most popular blog posts since I fired this thing up 3 years and a few months ago. (not) Surprisingly, the most popular posts have to do with recreational vehicle and gate guarding subjects.  LOL! … and all this time I thought y’all were visiting here because of my scintillating wit and snappy writing. Just makes that Pulitzer I was hoping for seem less and less likely don’t it? Ah well, it is what it is.

So here we go, the Ten Most Read blog posts of all time — I think the most popular post was viewed about eleventy hundred and seven times.


Is the Camco Gen-Turi Generator Exhaust Venting System Necessary?  – If you have an onboard generator and it gets some use, you run the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.  The Gen-Turi will solve that problem.

Oilfield Gate Guard Hiring and Contact Info –   Contact info for most of the gate guard companies hiring in Texas and Louisiana.  The list should be fairly current for those of you pursuing an oil field gate guard job.

What a Relief! Window Air Conditioner Unit Installed  –  Ah yes!  Don’t head off to South Texas without enough BTUs at the ready to keep you cool and crisp.  This post shows how I cheaply installed a cheap window A/C in the slider window on the RV.  Did I mention it was cheap?

Winter Heating for Your Recreational Vehicle – Like the last thing you need in June is how to produce more heat…….  It made the list so here it is.

What About this Oil Field Gate Guard Business? – Interesting post from when Miss Kathy and I were just one week old gate guards. We didn’t know the difference between a frac tank and a BOP.  Christ on a cracker, we were green! If you are thinking about an oilfield gate guard job in Texas, this would probably be a good ‘un to read.

Peeeuuuw! What is that smell? Managing your RV Holding Tanks — Does your black tank smell like the porta-john at a week long Chili Cook-Off and it is the eighth day?

Holy Crap! Ants in the Bed! –  At one point in my RV life, little ants bedeviled me no end.  The bastards!

Bleach in the Black Water Tank and a Bullseye on my Back – Seems like this is a recurring popular subject???   Not that I am the poo-meister or anything close to it but I can’t abide THAT smell ya know?

Extend A Stay extends your options  –  When I get all my windchimes and green carpet with rock borders and bird feeders and recliney chairs and end tables and outside stereos and outside big screen and outside wet bar and flashy awning lights and religious devotionals and treadmills and big ass mister fan and such as that set up, I’ll be damned if I wanna pack ALL that stuff up and head to town with the RV simply because the propane tank is empty.

Aiming the Yagi Directional Antenna for Optimum Internet Access — OK, If you want to make your RV look like some sorta space ship, you need one of these.  I have deployed my yagi antenna 2X in 4 years and it was necessary and it did work.  I think my record for snatching an internet connection out of thin air was from a cell tower 27 miles away so they do work dang good — when you need ’em.  Otherwise, save that Lunar Rover look for the weekend recreational vehicle wannabees.

Well there ya go!  The MyOldRV Top Ten of All Time shamelessly promoted.  While I am at it I will reveal that most of the pages listed have links to products the MyOldRV team uses and endorses.  If you click those links more than likely you are going to be taken to Amazon where you can buy the same-same item…. and we will make a few pesos off the transaction which costs you, dear reader, nada.

Which ain’t a bad thing. No, not at all.  Miss Kathy reminded me just the other day that it was summer and she needed some new pool-side attire.

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  • Jim walden

    I don’t know about other folks out there but I read your posts for your “scintillating wit and snappy writing”

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