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Tractor Supply sells Chinese Crap

Pretty strong words coming from me, huh? To tell you the truth I am just about fed up with inferior Chinese products. Back in the day, (my kids always groan and roll their eyes when I start a story with that phrase) like back in the 60’s when I was just growing up, anything from Japan was cheap and flimsy. Not so anymore for the most part.  I guess China has taken the lead for cheap crap –at least in my experiences. Now I am not bagging on Tractor Supply in general — I shop there quite a bit because they carry stuff that we need in our excavation business. And as well, I am not one of those fanatical “Buy American” types. I am conscious of where a product is made and I buy American products whenever I can — even if they are a bit pricier. The quality is always better and I like supporting our country. Enough of that, with two kids active military right now I could write volumes about the state of our country but not now.

So back to the story, last fall I needed 50 more feet of heavy duty chain; log chain if you will. I ran into Tractor Supply and picked up 50 feet and hooks to go on each end. The first sign that things were not going to go exactly right was when I tried to hook the new chain to one of our older chains. The new chain hook was just a teeny bit too small to go over the links on the old chain. I looked at the hook and it said “Made in China”. Uh oh I said. We tied the two chains together and started pulling whatever it was we were pulling. The Chinese Crap chain from Tractor Supply snapped before we even got started good. I didn’t say “Uh Oh” this time and what was said is not fit for polite company. On top of that, the links had stretched so much the chain now bound on itself. Junk; just pure junk. I just threw the whole useless mess in a stump hole and buried it; cussing all the while.

I carry a pair of leather work gloves in my back pocket all the time. Not because I am afraid of messing up my manicure but because working around all this heavy equipment you can ruin your hands if you are not careful. There is always something that is rusty or oily or rough that needs a gloved hand on it.

Tractor Supply Chinese Crap Gloves

Tractor Supply Chinese Crap Gloves

Two months ago I went into Tractor Supply with a pair of leather gloves in my back pocket that had seen two rough seasons. They had served their purpose and I had actually worn the leather through on several of the fingers.  I prefer what they call the Driver style gloves with the little plastic ball and strap on the back to cinch them up tight.  I walked over to the glove rack looking for my preferred brand — Wells Lamont.  No joy there but they did have my style and I picked up a pair.  I was standing at the checkout waiting on a guy buying chicken feed and a fiberglass bird fountain to check out and I noticed a tag on my nifty new gloves that said “Made in China”.   So I am standing there mentally evaluating this decision while Chicken Feed is searching for his Ag Exempt number and I know these were the only gloves of this style on the display rack so that means there were no other purchase options.  I was thinking abut just throwing them on the top of the checkout display rack in disgust when the perky young lady said  “Is that all sir?”  I spared her my Chinese crap-back in the day-log chains buried in stump holes rant and just paid and walked out into the parking lot.

Within a week these Tractor Supply Chinese Crap gloves split at the side seam, 3 weeks later the seam at the thumb split open.  Take a look at the picture.   The leather was so thin I knew they weren’t going to last the season anyway but you know what?  Splitting at the seams means the construction was just sub-standard.  They were not made to provide any heavy service and..and..and they were Chinese Crap!  So today at Wal-mart I picked up a pair of Wells-Lamont gloves.  The difference in the quality and workmanship is night and day.  Wells-Lamont has been making work gloves for over 100 years and I trust their good name.  But guess what?  On a little black tag way up inside the gloves it says “Made in India”.  I can only hope Wells Lamont is paying attention to quality and workmanship even though they are sourcing the work overseas.

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5 comments to Tractor Supply sells Chinese Crap

  • Walker

    I have to agree with you on the Chinese crap. The quality just isn’t there. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we just closed the door to importing their goods but I’m afraid that we are in too deep to do that.

    Was wondering how those Wells Lamont gloves are working out for you even though they are made in India?

    Hope you are staying warm. It’s 9 degrees here in eastern Tennessee this morning. That’s a bit cold even for these parts.


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    • admin

      Hi Walker,

      The Wells Lamont gloves are still going strong. I will buy them again. I am goinf to do a blog past later in the week about staying warm– it is into the teens here in East TX this week.

      BTW, I grew up in East Tennessee!

      Take care,


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  • Kirk

    Tractor Supply is owned by Home Depot….HD is not only the retailer of Chinese Crap but they are also a huge distributor. They have contracts with these companies overseas to produce products with their brand names like Husky, Hampton Bay, Commercial Electric, etc.
    It is sad to see the state of our economy, unemployment at 1970’s levels again and these so called American Companies importing this garbage. I too buy American whenever possible but unfortunately that is not enough. As consumers, we need to just say no to this Chinese Crap and stop buying it all together.

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  • Jim

    Holding a pair of these “China Crap” gloves now. Going to UPS them if I can find an address. I just use them around the yard and in a 3 weekends they are coming apart. What a shame a fine company has reduced themselves to this for an extra buck

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  • John Bryan

    I purchased an 1/2″ air impact tool at TS for $14.95 + tax. I figured if I ever needed one I could use it in a pinch. Well I recently opened the package and the first time I depressed the trigger… guess what happened. The trigger broke internally. I am done buying this garbage from CHINA.

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