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Such As It Is........A Fabric Of Life Post.

“It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” — Voltaire

Tuco the Dog and a fave treatBeen quite a week out here at the ol’ Ranch and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. The isolation of gate guarding in the oil patch is good for my  sanity being as how I ain’t much of a social butterfly to begin with and getting less so everyday.  Miss Kathy seems to get by with her Kindle, iPhone and a spirited argument with me where she comes out of the devil’s advocate corner like a badger with the hydrophoby.  Usually, I recover from that blood letting within a day or two. Tuco the Dog seems happy to get an occasional  stale dinner roll for her own self.   Sometimes I wish the DISH HD had nothing to choose between except for Rawhide  and ED Sullivan Show  re-runs; sometimes you just ain’t needin’ 20 channels of news;  this was one of those weeks.

Cait during her Navy SEAL wannabe days…….I think the Air Force was a MUCH better overall choice.

My Best Girl Cait had a rough week as well.  If you watched the return of the bodies of the folks killed by al Qaeda in Libya, you saw Cait’s shop in action albeit under less than dignified circumstances  — which pained them greatly.  POTUS and Hillary managed to pull off a shameful media all-out/political freak show/shameless election year event replete with flag covered dead bodies stacked behind the podium and 8th and I Marines in attendance along with an audience of 500 or so folks.   Don’t see that every day friends and neighbors now do ya?   Makes me wonder what the families of the dead thought about all of the pomp??   Bad juju, that.  I don’t care how you slice it and dice it.

All the bullshit was going on Friday, right?   Well, when my phone rang Saturday AM and I saw it was from the 1-302 ‘hood, I knew it was Cait and we had some talking to do.  We both felt like an engine that has lost its’ driving wheel and when that happens you just gotta air it out.  So it was the young and idealistic patriot trying to figure out why life is so cruel and unfair and the Old Man was s’posed to figure it all out and recharge her soul.  But you know, the conversation went a different route after the exsanguination ran its’ course.

BEVO car

We talked about father/daughter stuff like the best fixed blade knife to complete your battle rattle and whether or not an M4 is better off with a detachable carry handle or just a flip down BUIS on the top rail.  We talked about how anxious she is to get out of Dover,DE  ‘long about the first part of November.  She wants to get home and drive her BEVO car that WE built with sweat and grit from a wreck.  She wants to see that boy, Hank the Tank,  on something besides a Skype screen.  I could tell she was missing that boy bad which is as it should be.  Halloween is a huge event for a kid that age and it is yet another event to be missed forever due to her deployment.   Small potatoes when you think about what some sacrifice in the service of their country but a sacrifice still yet.

Hank as a ridiculously small Batman. His Daddy will accompany him as an insanely large Robin. I can remember all too well when Cait was just that big.

So the conversation swirled and eddied around things that mattered to each of us the most; of both a singular and collective nature.  A parent and daughter talking,  two BFFs  talking about anything and everything and somewhere during that second conversant hour the ship righted itself and the sun came out. Humans beings are an amazingly adaptive and resilient species when you come right down to it.

Cait is going to live her life following her moral compass  much as Miss K and I do.   Granted, she seems to have set the path much earlier than I did.   At her age, I was more prone to  raucous, drunken behavior like as not.   I certainly was nowhere near responsible enough to be a parent.  Hell, I was barely competent to pet sit for a friend.



We do live in dangerous times my friends.  No warm-fuzzies are going to make that statement less severe.   I leave you today with this:

Given these facts, how is a moral person to act?  The answer is, by one’s own conscience.  Any resemblance between the laws and moral behavior is now purely coincidental; this is not a problem for those of us who have always relied upon our own moral compasses rather than guidance from authority figures, but those whose personal senses of right and wrong have been stunted through reliance upon external dictates will be much slower to adapt.  It’s true that, as Voltaire said, “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”; however, our government is so totally out of control that even following all the laws one knows of to the letter is no guarantee against destruction.  The “law-abiding” citizen is a thing of the past, so it’s better to do what one knows to be right even if it’s illegal, because everyone is constantly in violation of some law anyhow.  It’s time for Americans (and all other subjects of repressive states, which means a large fraction of the world) to start practicing what Vaclav Havel called “living in truth”:  in other words ignoring the lies and proclamations of tyrants and just living like free people, avoiding all contact with government actors whenever possible.


End Note: Smiling Faces by Rare Earth from the Ma cd.

‘Smilin’ Faces sometimes don’t tell the truth.

Smilin’ Faces tell lies and I got proof.’

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3 comments to Such As It Is……..A Fabric Of Life Post

  • Joel


    We’re fortunate to have our daughter right here in town, working on her second year in law school after having gone to college as far away from home as she could manage for free.

    I have to say I’m quite impressed with how she’s turning out overall, although I did have to set her straight on how fears of inflation in the US today are so absurd, it would make a dog laugh.

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    • Andrew

      Dads and daughters always have that special bond. You and I are indeed fortunate.

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  • Gina

    Not knowing any political insider stuff like your daughter, so as an outsider, I felt it was a very dignified sendoff for a American Ambassador and co-workers, a place to grieve for his collegues and the public could (somewhat) participate in. I was moved to tears by all those that spoke.
    I hope to never have to see a funeral for an Ambassador again. I thought all the military present did an excellent job carrying out their duties. My father had a military funeral and the dignified send off by the men in uniform.. eased the pain and grief we were all feeling.

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