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Extend A Stay extends your options

Deluxe Extend A Stay with 2 hoses

Deluxe Extend A Stay with 2 hoses

The Deluxe Extend A Stay
propane hose kit from Marshall Brass should be a must have for any coach owner that parks in one location for an extended period. It provides you the ability to hook an external tank to your onboard tank. That means no more breaking down your camp when you run out of propane. The Deluxe Extend A Stay
comes with two hoses.  One hose is for the external tank hookup and the other hose allows you to hook up your grill or lantern to your onboard RV propane tank.  I need to explain a misconception that I was under when I purchased the Extend A Stay.  I thought you could refill the onboard tank  from an external tank using the valve but this is not the case.  In all honesty, I have never used it to power an external grill or anything like that..

I am very,very conservative when it comes to using  any of the propane from the onboard tank.  I try and hold it in reserve for emergencies.

Dual Extend A Stay Installed in my RV

Dual Extend A Stay Installed in my RV

My Generac 6600 is a propane generator and burns .7 gallon of propane per hour.   I estimate I could run on the onboard tank for 2 weeks of intermittent generator use, water heating and furnace if it came down to it. The picture to the right shows how the Deluxe Extend A Stay
is installed in my RV. The hose that is coiled  is the one that I use to power the Generac Generator via an external tank.  The hose on the right is hooked to an external tank  and  feeds  all the onboard  propane  items.

I prefer the 40lb external propane tanks that hold a little over 9 gallons of propane.  They have more capacity than the smaller tanks and yet they are still reasonably manageable.

40lb external propane tanks hooked to the Extend A Stay

40lb external propane tanks hooked to the Extend A Stay

I am always on the lookout for used propane tanks on Craigslist and local yard sales.  Spare tanks are desirable because when you run a tank dry, you always have a full one to replace it.  Right after Hurricane Ike we were without electricity for several days.  Luckily, I had just filled all the tanks.  The propane supplier in the nearest town had plenty of propane but no electricity to run the transfer pump to fill your bottles.

Here in Texas I have seen the snowbirds with 100lb tanks hooked to a Deluxe Extend A Stay
on their lots.  They stayed all winter and the propane truck re-filled the bottles in place so it was a neat set up.

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