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Bug Helmet

Bug helmet in action

Bug helmet in action



I have espoused the wearing of Big Hats since Day One as they are a needful Pucker Brush accessory.  Closing out my fifth decade as I am,  the price is being paid for horrific sunburns from long back in the day.  There was never a drop of suntan lotion or sun screen applied back then because you know as well as I do;  we were unequivocally invincible.   A good blister was just a rite of summer and something to get over and done with so’s you could get on with the rest of the dealio.

These days the toll of past deeds is being exacted.  I do not venture out until the SPF 100+ is slathered top of hands, ears, nose and cheekbones.  Any place that got well blistered back then is now unreasonably sensitive to any amount of UV.  Just a plain ol’ bitch to deal with let me tell ya.  Long sleeve shirts are de rigueur; learned down in South Florida during my stint there in the late 80’s.  The ole timer Crackers all wore long sleeve white cotton shirts to combat the effects of mondo UV levels.  My shirt of preference these days is a Duluth Cool Shirt.  Its’ got vents and mesh to keep things reasonably cool.  Expensive rascals new so I generally get ’em off eBay since I am not averse to used duds.  Long pants?  Jeez, I tried, I really did.  But when it gets furnace-blast hot like it always does down here I just can’t tolerate ’em.  Shorts — and sandals. Funny thing is my feet and legs don’t suffer from the UV sensitivity like my face and hands.   Thinking back on it, I never wore shorts back in the day and the ol’ legs never got a good blisterin’ .  Brown as butternut they are and no sun block necessary.  Probably should just to be on the safe side but at this late stage I don’t really care.

Texas Tan Line

Texas Tan Line

So what’s the deal on the bug helmet?  It goes like this.  Spring time is South Texas means we get a little bit of rain from time to time.   It can be dry as a powder house for a week or so and then we get a quarter inch rain.  I guarantee you within 24 hours after the rain it will be bug city around here  — but only at night.  Those bugs gotta hide out during the day or they get nuked big time. I got the 4 big halide lights lighting up about 5 acres and every bug in the country is attracted to the glow.  Go outside to check somebody in and the bugs are gonna get on ya.  I can deal with ’em crawling on my legs or up my sleeves but the ones that get in my hair are a pisser.  It’s been awhile since I got a haircut; months really and it is starting to run down my back a bit. Plenty of bug habitat.   Nobody ever reaches up calmly when they feel a bug crawling in their hair.  It is always ‘Holy crap! I gotta bug on my head!!’  SLAPSLAP GRABGRAB.  I hate that crap.  Wearin’ my Resistol helps even though it looks odd to be wearin’ a big hat at 0330 am dark thirty.  I am fairly past worrying about what people think so it works for me.






I get a shit ton of email every week.   Some of it flys off into the spam bucket and some of it gets presented for me to check out.  So this past week I get this:


Notice, no clickable link?  Uh huh, I think this is contrived crapola.  Shame on them for preying on us RV folks! Regular visitors know I am all about clean water because after about 3 days without water you are kaput.  Stick a fork in ya and adios!  While I am not a water scientist (or even close!) you got a coupla things going on when you go after clean water.  First off, you got physical filtration.   Carbon and paper and poly and all sorts of hoo doo stuff but it all boils down to physically removing any impurities from the water.  Filters will do that for you with certainty but you aren’t done yet.  There are buggies and viruses the filters don’t get and the only surety is disinfection.  Boil it, add chemicals like chlorine or iodine or run it by UV light in conjunction with a good set of filters and you got you some good water.

So this email says I can get safe, clean water with one simple filter for $126 and change. On sale no less.  Since it is on the internet, its’ gotta be true, right?  I had to dig a little deeper and I zeroed in on that 3M filter.  Again, no link because I don’t want to lend one ounce of credence to this dangerous scam.  So I dug and then dug some more and this is what I came up with.

  • This filter is NOT NSF certified – bad juju right off the bat. In my book, if it ain’t NSF it ain’t shit.  Just sayin’…….
  • The best price I could find on the filter is ~ $58 – which is damned expensive in water filter world.
  • It is rated for only 2000 gallons.

The best (worst?) part of this whole thing is the fine print on filter usage.  It says all water must be disinfected before or after filtration to be 100% potable.  Umm, hold on.  Where does it say that in the email???????  Bastards! So what you got here is an expensive physical filter that has to be replaced with regularity and you still ain’t got truly potable water.

I got a better deal than all this horse crap. The Doulton Imperial Sterasyl Ceramic Filter will do the same same as this 3M filter for $20 bucks less. When it gets dirty, you snatch it out and scrub it with a stainless steel scrubby, rinse it off and slap it back in the filter housing.  I got two of ’em.  One is at the tail end of the outside filter bank.  The water goes through a few progressively finer sediment filters and a carbon filter before it gets to the ceramic filter. Then, and only then, does it go in the onboard tank.   I just got a problem with putting raw water straight into the Princess Palace down here in the Pucker Brush.  Even so, we still don’t drink it, cook with it or make coffee with that water.  Our potable water goes through another Doulton ceramic filter, a carbon filter and a UV light unit.  Then it is potable.  We could drink bottled water or get those big 5 gallon jugs if we wanted.   Miss K does sometimes because she has a particular bottled water she likes the taste of.  At the same time,  I do not want to be dependent on store bought water to get by if things go south.






End Note: Too Old to Grow up Now (Live) by Calvin Russel from The Last Call.  Sometimes I crave the real deal, the down and dirty, the nitty gritty.

“You don’t keep things, they keep you.”

The video is worth the time.

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2 comments to Bug Helmet

  • I imagine you would wear long sleeves and a big hat down there in the sun. Surprised to see the shorts and sandals, though. Guess that’s where the spray/lotion goes. I sometimes wonder what a 19th century Texan would think, come back in his wool-everything and big hat to see the moderns in their shorts, sandals and tees. And no hat bigger than a baseball one. Would he have a stroke? Or strip and join the party?

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    • Andrew

      Too damn hot for long pants Dick!

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