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Tobacco Road -- Life in the Boondocks

Sometimes I think my boondocking locations must look like those trashy houses you see with a couch on the front porch and off in the side yard, an old Dodge Diplomat with no wheels sitting on chunks of wood.

Then I think in a more logical fashion. We are not here to preserve a pristine area as unspoiled. Our job is to rip and tear and gouge and transform the landscape into something noticeably different. My boondocking RV sites are utilitarian, spartan and all about business.

Water delivery- functional; not pretty.

I was noticing that today as I moved the 300 gallon portable tank off the transport trailer  and in place to refill my onboard tanks.

Water is taken for granted unless you are boondocking like me. My 40 gallon onboard tank will last me 7 days and yes, I do take a shower everyday! If I am really pushing and watching every drop, I can extend that to 10 days. The set up is pretty simple. A big wire enclosed plastic tank and a 2.1gpm transfer pump that is easily stowed. The pump is just bolted to a board with 18″ of hose on the inlet and outlet. 10′ of wiring with spring clamps on the end complete the fresh water transfer system. Here I

Fresh water transfer pump detail

have the luxury of being able to power the transfer pump off one of my house batteries. In the past we had to position one of the vehicles to power the pump.

I have been using the Generac propane generator about 5 hours per day which is more than I anticipated.  It works out to about $7 worth of propane a day at $2.38/gallon.  I was lucky enough to find a propane refill location close that charges by the gallon and not by the bottle.  Back in Newton county, I was paying almost $10 more per bottle for refills since they did a per bottle rate.  Most likely, when we actually get to pushing dirt and I am not in the Fish Bus as much the usage will decrease.

Staying with the Tobacco Road theme I seem to have going on here, I remove the front grill and generator cover when the propane generator is in regular use.

Removing the grill makes the Old Girl look toothless.

It definitely makes the Old Girl look toothless. Having the grill and cover off allows me to start the generator from the outside and spot fluid leaks easier. I also check the oil more often.

Last item on the piddling list for today was to retrieve one of my wood mud porches and the walkways. I was able to get at the smaller of the mud porches on the transport trailer.

Fetching the Mud Porch

The larger one still has a 500 gal fuel tank on top of it. They are saying rain for the next 48 hours so I was gettin’ while the gettin’ was good.

I was anxious to finish up today because I needed to go get supplies. Sounds like a good excuse to do some exploring, huh? Stay tuned.




End Note: The Zune MP3 player is cranking out Lynyrd Skynyrd’s  Call Me the Breeze.  I remember when I bought that cassette tape.  Back in the day……..

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