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And so it goes.........

Moon rise over the Puckerbrush

Moon rise over the Puckerbrush

Doesn’t take long for Tuco the Dog and me to settle into a routine.  After the whirlwind departure from the main gate, we find this other gate suits our mettle much better.  I didn’t mind packing up my HEB bag sack with a few sandwiches, some smokes and some bottled water and reporting for a 12 hr shift at the guard shack.  I didn’t mind it but I didn’t care much for it either.   It smacked just a little too much of a daily grind to suit me.  Not even close to getting in my car and driving to a corporate cube for 10 hours but still yet……  Just a little too button down for me and Tuco the Dog was definitely not diggin’ it.  So we like our little Porch House Gate just dandy.  It gives us the opportunity to piddle, cook and participate n some quality Daddy-Dog time as it suits us.  One thing I screwed up was a supply run to Carizzo Springs, it was on the radar but things change.  Now,  I will have to go through the ordeal of finding somebody to sit the gate for several hours while I go pick up groceries and such.  Heck,  I could probably make it through the next 2 weeks no problem but there are some comfort foods I am missing. If I have go back to a guard house when this gate closes so be it. It is what it is and being down here in South Texas is  all about the money.  Make no mistake on that.

When I was up at the Secret Hideout, there were some problems on the 12v side of things.   I replaced the house battery which I knew was for real bad but I also suspicioned my cheap ass WFCO converter was on its’ last legs as well.  Sometimes I would get up in the morning and the battery would be flat after charging all night or the lights would flicker and sometimes burn really bright.  Had to be the converter.  Well,  won’t be the first time the cheap construction of the NO Princess Palace has let me down.  Sure enough, last week the converter quit converting and I hooked a 12v battery charger directly to it to get by.   I bit the bullet and ordered a new  Progressive Dynamics 60 Amp Power Converter with Charge Wizard to swap it out.   The Progressive Dynamics converters are huge bang for the buck and I recommend no  others.  Problem is, the new converter is sitting in my Escapees PMB up at Livingston.  I gotta figure out how to get that rascal in my hands 400 miles to the south in the Puckerbrush Country.  Most likely a General Delivery to dovetail with my pending supply run,  That oughta work.  I will have to make it work.


Hank the Tank learnin' mechanicing. Was there cussin'? Ummmmmm, mebbe. May 2012

Hank the Tank learnin’ mechanicing. Was there cussin’? Ummmmmm, mebbe. May 2012

Two of the sweet, sweet perks on the Porch House Gate is the stellar AT&T coverage and the paucity of traffic.  These two perks have allowed some outstanding phone conversations with BFF Cait.  One of which was gifted to me this very morning.

Let me run this preface by you before I get to the meat……..

I am no saint by a long damn shot.  I smoke, drink whisky and cold beers, been known to womanize……..  and I cuss;  stone cold facts that ain’t gonna change.   I spent most of my corporate life dealing with truck drivers.  Now had I been a preacher or teacher,  I am sure my cussin’ skills would not have been honed to such a razor sharp edge.  As it is,  I can flay meat right off the bone with blue smoke verbiage and make my point in a most definite fashion so it is crystal clear to all parties involved.  Bonus when you are dealing with scurrilous and hard headed truck drivers.  It is a communication skill  in my neighborhood.  I hold my tongue in front of my Mom and small kids; mostly,  so it is not like I am flingin’ F-bombs out there with every other breath.

Along with that,  I believe a parent oughta raise their children as they see fit and the GOV has no damned business steppin’ in as long as that child is maintained in good stead.  Raisin’ my two, I know I was guilty of parenting fraud on many an occasion.  Still yet, they turned out damn good and I am proud of both of them.   BFF Cait is finding out about being a parent with Hank the Tank and she related this story to me this morning……

Hank and Cait - his first set of soccer cleats. September 2015

Hank and Cait – his first set of soccer cleats. September 2015

She bought a new 4 door Wrangler when she returned from her last deployment and she loves it.  Yesterday was the day she decided it needed external steps.  Two reasons– Hank had some problems gettin’ in and out because of the height and it would look bad ass with the addition of the steps.  I concur on both counts. So somewhere in the upgrade process things got tracked sideways and it wasn’t going real smooth.  Never does now does it?  Tempers flared due to frustration and Henry said “Mama, you said a bad word.”  Oh yes my daughter.  SO busted!

Children are a product of their environment so she came by her bad word vocabulary honest.  She did not learn it out on the street.

So Cait says to Henry who is laying under the Jeep right in the thick action “Henry, remember when Mama said it was OK to say bad words if you were working on a car?”  LOL!   That was not a rule at our house when the kids were growing up but maybe it shoulda been!  It makes crystal clear logical sense to me.

So Cait says Henry mulls that statement for several moments and Cait is thinking she did like a major good Mom thing handling this little episode.  Donna Reed would have been proud!  The she hears Henry say  “Holy Shit!  There is a cricket under here!”

Most of y’all know it is my truest conviction that our paramount purpose on this Earth is not to see how big a house we can acquire nor how cool a car we can possibly drive.  Our purpose is to prepare the next generation to face the world.  Parents do it.  Teachers do it.  We all do it more often than we realize.  I cannot count the times some young roughneck has paused at one of these many gates to ask me a personal question or seek my advice.   We must act as true mentors to these kids seeking their way.  If not me then who??  In most cases, all it takes is  a pause and an investment of time.  We can all afford that – even the poorest among us.


End Note:  Flyaway by Joan Osborne from the Early Recordings cd.   I remember Joan Osborne from MTV two decades ago or more back when I used to watch dreck such as that.  She was easy on the eyes but didn’t hold much more attraction than that.  Not so much now; I find her coming up on the Zune with much frequency of late.

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4 comments to And so it goes………

  • Joel

    Good post. I like it. I just do.

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  • Brenda

    Honestly, I could read your writing every day! I love your wordsmithing! Like Joel, I just do! Have a great Labor Day and week!

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