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Red or Blue?

Hamilton Beach Brew Station

Hamilton Beach Brew Station

It was time to update the coffee pot onboard the NO Princess Palace. The old Hamilton Beach single cup brewer had been a good solid workhorse but everything mechanical wears down sooner or later. I had begun to resent the effort to brew a single cup, clean up and recharge the pot and do it all over again for another cup.  When it started pukin’ and burpin’ water out on the cabinet a  little bit, I figured it was time to move along.

Of course, I went to Amazon and picked out the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Machine. Several things I liked about this machine – it brews more than one cup (duh) and it doesn’t have a carafe.  You take your cup and press it up against a bar and it fills you up –  just like the Big Gulp machine at 7-11.  It keeps the coffee hot for 4 hours after you brew it.  One of my concerns was it is programmable and has a digital clock.  Any sort of digital clock running off a generator is problematic.  Some of them just go plain bat shit crazy.  So far this one is behaving pretty good and losing maybe a minute or two each day. I can deal with that.


I get a good bit of email from you folks readin’ the blog.  Some just wanna say ‘hey!’ and some are looking for more info on some subject I mighta touched on. Some days ago I got this:

“I’ve been read’n your rants and words of wisdom for a long while – hell, you were still ride’n a Cat diggin’ mud hole lakes when I started.  I appreciate that you’re out in the middle of no place south Texas, but I suspect you talk to lots more folks that are in the know that I even have access to.

I see you’re not pleased with the small Yamaha generator – failures after 1600-ish hours.

I’m in need of a small generator and my research suggests that the small Honda’s are OK and pretty reliable.  Do you have any info to the contrary?

Thanks for continuing to write and share your life with your readers.

Little Blue hidin' out in the cargo bay of the Big Ass Suburban. Notice the cardboard "diaper" underneath the oil pukin' bitch.

Little Blue hidin’ out in the cargo bay of the Big Ass Suburban. Notice the cardboard “diaper” underneath the oil pukin’ bitch.

And I replied back……

“Thank you for the kind words.

I can hook you up on this………

My Bro’s little Yamaha is in the shop as we speak for the same problem as Little Blue @ 1800hrs.  He PROMPTLY bought a Honda 2000 on my recommendation and has put 250 hrs on it this Spring at the Hideout.   He tells me it is substantially more generator than the Yamaha.  Starts easily and will run more items in his Fiver at the same time than the supposedly comparable Yamaha.

My plan is to buy a Honda 3000 inverter gen and keep the oil pukin’ Yamamama in the Suburban as my emergency, casual use unit. One of the guys that does nothing but supply generators to the oil business down here told me the Honda 3000 was the absolute Cadillac of inverter generators and I have seen plenty of them in use down here.  Honda has always made a good little engine and I think that is the difference that puts it above the Yamaha  – they just know how to make a better engine.

There are cheaper generators out there and people will tell you their Chinese clone is just fine.  When I press these people for details I find their usage of these Chinaman generators is always very low -maybe a few hundred hours at best.  Fact is the material that goes into the Chinese is crap and they never could make decent steel.  I expected the Yamaha to be better and a portion of the problem is the Yamaha people are SHOCKED when My Bro and I tell them how many hours are on the units.  Apparently, expected use is somewhere around 100 or so hours a year.

Shiner Prickly Pear - BFF Cait rates it A+. I can almost see the coldness floatin' off that bottle!

Shiner Prickly Pear – BFF Cait rates it A+. I can almost see the coldness floatin’ off that bottle!

With a price point difference of only around $100 or less, the Honda 2000 is a clear winner over the Yamaha 2000 in my book and I am definitely sure of that statement.

Take care!

Andy “

And it got a bit deeper when he wrote me back…….

“Andy – Thanks for your quick reply.

Here’s the deal-eo. (yeah I got that from you!)

My propane refer crapped out – same thing, cheap Chinese steel split and let the ammonia out. So I went to Lowes and bought a household refer. Still Chinese made, but what can ya do?

Anyway… it works fine as long as I’m plugged in to AC power, but I’m preparing to go on walk-about and I still want to power that damn thing.

I’ve got a kill-a-watt meter on it now to see how much juice it actually requires. And if it’s not too much, I’ll just use a generator sitting in the PU box to feed the 5th wheel power circuit. I’ll get an lil-bit oversized inverter and call it good-e-nuff for guvment work.

Seems this way will be much less expensive (and easier to install) than putting a full meal deal solar array on the roof.

But… the kill-a-watt was just plugged in a few hours ago so it’ll be a few days before I have a good feel for exactly how much juice it really needs.

Again, thanks for your replies.

I see Amazon has the Honda’s available – I’ll be sure to use your shopping link when I pull the trigger.”

RV refers are notoriously fickle.  I just finished the Summer Changeover on mine here in the NO Princess Palace. When it starts to heat up outside, my RV fridge does good to hold 45 degrees so I clean it out and move everything to the Big Fridge.  I keep my cold waters in there and would maybe put some Cold Beers in there if I could.  BFF Cait does NOT help matters by sendin’ me pics of a tasty Shiner beer.

So more email from me…….

The Little Gens protect themselves from overload by just disconnecting power when they get too big a bite.  The engine will still be running but you have to shut it off to reset it.  Now, in ECO mode occasionally I would overtax it simply because it takes a few seconds to spool up to full speed and it overloaded in those few seconds.   Solution was to shut off ECO mode early morning when I was brewing coffee or heating up breakfast in the Microwave.  My Bro tells me the Honda is more of a horse and does not seem as affected by serious loads.

I would set up the fridge off of a power strip with an ON/Off switch so when you were using something power hungry you could just cut the power to the fridge.  The Honda has a fuel pump vs the Yamaha.s gravity feed so an external tank should be MUCH easier.

Keep in mind a water heater on AC will pretty much max your generator when it kicks in and you can never tell when that is going to happen.  I always kept it on propane.

 I found the 2kw size to be adequate across the board for any RV needs excepting AC for weeks on end as long as you practice logical power management. And it will run an energy efficient small window shaker all night long if need be.

Hope this helps.


Obviously I am not a fan of the Yamaha EF2000iS generator and this is the reason why.  After such an epic fail mechanically and support wise, I will voice my displeasure with the Yamaha inverter generator at every opportunity.  Christ, I even wrote to the CEO of Yamaha USA lookin’ for some help and nada!

Well, this fella was as good as his word and ordered the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator off my Amazon Link just as he promised. I love it when people do what they say they are goin’ to do!  I hope he is well satisfied with his purchase.

End NoteFreedom by Cross Canadian Ragweed from the Purple cd. Red Dirt music is good.

I am watching today’s news and I am sure the Orlando shooting will be news for days to come.  I only got two things to say ——- Stay away from crowds in Public if at all possible and get that bowling equipment you need now!



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3 comments to Red or Blue?

  • coal

    I said a number of years ago when you were looking for a generator that honda was the way to go ha. Spring for the eu3000 killer unit had the 2000 as well but some plastic gears inside in my case failed likely due to our freezing cold winter. I am yamaha fan as well and had the big yamaha 3000 but the Honda is a touch nicer

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    • Andy

      Some folks are just hard-headed Coal! 🙂

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  • coal

    Lol 10 4 I a little hard headed myself

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