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Working and Dogs

Native yucca blooming

This native yucca is blooming on the corner below the NO Princess Palace.  The roadsides and fields down here are not covered by bluebonnets and indian paint brush in the Spring like up in Central Texas – too far south and not enough rain.  Any blooming flowers down here tend to be close to the bone and diminutive so this large yucca is quite a nice distraction from the norm.


Main project this week has been trying to get the marginalized Little Blue generator back up to snuff.  Those scumbags up at Marineland Boating Center in Waco near ruint the generator.  6 months in the shop and it came out worse for wear to be sure.  I shoulda never trusted that service manager up there ’cause he had an odd head on him like a bastard cat.

Little Blue during open heart surgery

I ordered a bunch of parts online in one last attempt to get this thing right.  Stuff that doesn’t work gets all over my OCD;  plus I was sort of hung up on options.  I don’t have the luxury of accumulating items that aren’t needful because of space limitations and if I tried to sell it on CraigsList with an honest description of condition I would basically be giving it away.

The last time I opened it up and cleaned everything I could get loose off the carburetor it ran fine afterwards – as long as you had the choke pulled out just a little bit.  This indicated I still had some part of the carb fouled up some way or another;  and it could be just about anything.  Some of those openings on the jets and valves were finer than a hair and easily obstructed.   The first time I took Little Blue apart I was apprehensive.  These generators are put together like a watch and unforgiving of a ham handed mechanic.

Fuel valve at the bottom of the gas tank

Luckily I had a Yamaha Shop Service Manual that made it easier to figure out.  With its’ help, I found the jets, valves, gaskets and fuel shutoff switch online and ordered ’em up to the tune of $75.  Just for reference a new carb is $186.  BTW, if anyone else owns this unfortunate generator and needs a shop manual -email me and I will send you a .pdf copy.

The last time I had everything apart I went so far as to remove the fuel tank because the fuel shut off valve at its’ outlet was giving me problems.  I have always been cautious ( I thought) about running clean, fresh fuel through Little Blue.  If this is what ya get when you are extry-careful I hate to think what would happen if you were sloppy.  The fuel shutoff and bottom of the tank was covered in a brown slimy goo that pretty much showed where my problems originated.  The fuel shut off also has a fuel filter built in that disintegrated when I touched it.

More Little Blue guts

So armed with new parts, compressed air and carb cleaner I tore into Little Blue for the fourth time.  One thing that made it oh-so-much-easier was my 4′ Folding Table . It provided a convenient, non back breaking workspace and it easily handled the 40lbs or so of generator weight.  I started at the fuel tank and cleaned, blew or replaced anything that had anything to do with fuel from top to bottom.   Start to finish was about 5 hrs but we take lots of dog breaks to do things dogs like to do.  Vela Von spent the work interludes laying beside my chair.  I crossed my fingers when it came time to fire it up and besides being a bit recalcitrant getting it started from dry the first time;  it seems to run well.  Very steady and smooth – just like a sewing machine.

The question remains if it is still leaking oil and what to do with it if it is.  I got some Lucas Snake Oil and other juju additives to hopefully staunch the hemorrhaging so we will see.


Vela Von with the hard rubber ball that is her only toy. Tennis balls have a life expectancy of less than 2 minutes with her.

BFF Cait and I were recently discussing those German Shepherd Dogs and the difference in bloodlines.  Hers is a show line dog and Vela Von is a working line dog as discussed here.  The differences in the dogs become more apparent as they get older.  Her Stark dog is affable and devoted to the family unit.  She says he shows protective instincts but not with the hard edge mine does.

Vela Von’s breeding is pure East German/Czech on both sides which gives her a big dose of working line genes.  Add into that we spend much of our day in a secluded environment and she is focused strictly on me and it has seemed to accentuate her breeding.   She is in constant motion most of the time when we are outside and even though we try to spend 3-4 hours outside every day she never seems to tire.  When she ‘alerts’ it is all teeth and bark!!! Unfortunately,  my left thumb intersected with her teeth during an alert a few weeks back and she bit right through it.

Vela Von – the early days

I would not even think to recommend a dog like VV to anyone with a family – but that is as much my fault as it is her inescapable breeding.  At oh-dark-thirty when something goes bump or an uninvited sneaker is pushing on my gate to gain entry, she goes barreling out the door with hackles raised and teeth bared.  Honestly,  I want me some more of that – not less.


I have mentioned before that I am not much of a Trump fan.  I think he may prove to be a fairly dangerous man – which could be good for the country or the worse thing that ever happened to us.  I do find it fortunate that I can focus on things other than the acquisition of endangered bowling equipment these days; that is a plus.

It seems both sides of our political system feel it their duty to raise un-shirted hell as much as possible since his election.  What is their collective goal?  Class warfare? Genocide?  Civil War?  It makes my head hurt trying to keep up with the growing domestic unrest,  North Korean maniacs,  Iranian radicals and the  EU going down the toilet.  The only thing that keeps sanity intact is trying to get as low as I can under the radar of the alphabet agencies and concentrate on my small sphere of influence.

“Just leave me alone and don’t mess with my stuff.”

That just about covers it. 🙂


End Note: Bang a Gong by Danny Barnes from the Rocket cd. A cover of the original by T. Rex from 1971.  I detest covers of Classic Rock songs.  If you do a TV commercial with a classic rock song as the soundtrack,  you are a thievin’ rat bastard in my book and I can guarantee I will never buy your stuff -ever.  OTOH,  sometimes it can be done with class and reverence – like when it is used in some trendy hipster show and or when the Millennials discover that some old rocker still kicks major ass.  These young ‘uns need to be educated on the Rock and Roll.  It is the music that will never die for a reason.

But still and always, artists cover a song because the original kicked ass. So chil’ren, be advised there were music videos before MTV with special effects and everything

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  • Cyndee Cook

    Hi – I am one who follows your blog – hidden of course. Feels like stalking… But not. Live in Boise, Id. My hubby and I plan to hit the road in our RV no later than March/April of 2020 and learning how others live in this lifestyle.

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