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The Internet of Things

Simpler times have been much on my mind this week.  A compendium of events set my brain to churnin’ and I can’t seem to just let it go………

This post is liable to be like me cookin’ eggs.  I know how to cook ’em six different ways but I can’t tell you which way until they are slidin’ onto your plate.  Once you crack them open in that hot cast iron skillet they sorta take on a life of their own.

Vela Von discovers Bella Mandarins ; now she is a fiend for them.


A pair of my oldest gate guard friends are just down the road and Tennessee Red tends to look after me.  She emailed me this week and said she was going to town for the day and did I need anything?  I replied back that my grocery list at 70-something days in with no re-supply would scare her,  so no; thanks anyway.  Me and Vela Von were sittin’ outside around noon time when she went by in the dually headed northbound.    We were sittin’ outside again down in the shank of the evening when she returned southbound and pulled in the gate for a visit.  We chatted back and forth about gate guard stuff and she had to show off her pedicure. She had the same foot tanlines as me.  Sandals make for funny patterns.  When she got ready to leave she said “I got some extra grapes and Bella Mandarins – you want some?”  I was resisting until she said Bella Mandarins and I had to give in and get a bag from her. Goes without sayin’ I am a fool for that HEB sweet treat and turns out Vela Von is too.  It made me realize how much I was craving fresh food after a month or better of eating canned and frozen.  So that got me to thinking……..


My Bro called this week and told me he is workin’ a job out in West Texas -not Far West Texas; just West Texas – and I have not heard him so enthusiastic in some time.  The enthusiasm was not so much about the job but about the location.  He went on and on about the good people, the country and the overall good feeling it gave him.  When I asked him just what the deal was he said “It is like Texas was in 1992 when I first got here.”  When I pressed him he said “Texas is not the way it used to be and I do not particularly enjoy this New Texas.  It has been diluted or something.”  That got me to thinking……..


And then the headlines this week just piled it on…….

The Texas snowflake that got lost for five days because she was not smart enough to put gas in her vehicle.

Millennials don’t think they are adults until age 30. I wish I was makin’ this up. It didn’t mention how many of them were still living in their parent’s basement.

I pretty much knew you were getting compromised (IMHO) if you had an iPhone in your pocket but Windows 10 sending everything you type or say to Microsoft?? I haven’t kept up with technology since about 2005 and y’all know I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t do The Book of Face or Snaptalk.

Illegal to be a stay at home mom?  WTF?  It hurts my heart to think the 60’s and 70′ were the best times to be a kid in America.  We stayed outside from early to late when school was out.  Playing Army,  Cowboys and Indians, riding our bikes all over the damn place with the only admonishment being “Don’t be late for supper.”  Your mom was at home and her job was entirely necessary and much respected.

I choose a life of freedom.

So I guess you best  label me old-fashioned or out of step with the times because I just don’t get it.   I know how a vine ripe tomato tastes right out of the garden, how to cut a board straight and how to change the plugs in my truck.  Maybe you do too — but do your kids??  Or better yet your grand kids?????

I guess some younger folks will argue they are doin’  just fine and all.  About all I can offer them that even care is a glimpse into the past when we knew how to look after ourselves in a more immediate fashion.

The things I value above all else are my privacy and the freedom to live without somebody strappin’ a bunch of rules on me and getting all up in my business.  Honestly,  I don’t believe in safe spaces, comfort ferrets or blue unicorns that shit a rainbow of Skittles.  It was disturbing to find out just how OK most folks are with putting their privacy on public view.

Spend some time on this genealogy website and then tell me if you feel all warm and fuzzy. I went on there right after the first of the year and found they had most of my info up until about 2005.  That makes sense because that is about the same time I started to back off social media. I was just checkin’ back to make sure even that ancient history of mine had been removed as requested from public scrutiny.  Keep in mind this a FREE website and you do not even have to register to query up anybody you can think of.  Just a name and a date of birth will give you some startling results.

I searched on an old West Texas GF I once thought alot of and was able to see the address where she was presently living, the fella’s name she was living with and both their cell numbers.  I searched an ex-wife and got all her present info as well as every bit of pertinent info on her all the way back to the mid-80’s including children’s names (and info) and relative’s names (and info). Now mind you, I wasn’t snooping on these gals but I needed background knowledge to verifyy how insidious this info was.  Ended up being way worser than I imagined.   I can only speak for myself but dishing out this info easy peasy so a perfect stranger could call me or drive right up to my house is bad juju.

You might disagree with me but I do not see this ending up well.  It is all about one thing and that one thing is CONTROL.  Excuse me if my choice is to opt out.

End Note: Talkin’ at the Texaco by James McMurtry from the Too Long in the Wasteland cd.  You ever ask yourself why I am such a fan of Texas Americana Music??  Check this out and find the answer – McMurtry from 1990 live on Austin City Limits.  It seldom gets better than this…………


……….and another one from the same set.  Guitar artistry courtesy David Grissom.


20 year fast forward…..BAM!

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4 comments to The Internet of Things

  • Mike Callaway

    Morning, you talked about vine ripe tomatoes. When I was still working I pulled out my lunch , and it had chicken and homemade noodles. A young Deputy on my squad sat there and notified me that you could not make home made noodles. Ummm what planet are you from boy, was my reply. He tried them and then wanted my wife’s recipe, to give to his mommy.

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  • Richard

    With a few more years stacked on my hide I can say with certainty, “Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s, just after my daddy’s war, was as wondrous as the 60’s and 70’s.

    Great words, Andy.

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  • I learned early on to never use as my official address the one where I was actually living. I’ve had a PO Box or UPS mailbox for 20 years. Now I live in an RV so I can just move if anyone figured it out.

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  • Vince

    Believe I detect a slight change in the direction of the wind.

    Stay safe Sir.

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