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Adios Harvey - 12 Noon Sunday

Flooding in Houston from the interwebz

Things here just north of Fowlerton continue to improve.  0.5″ of rain overnight which gives me a slim total of 1.3″ of rain so far.  As predicted, the low pressure system that was Hurricane Harvey is moving south back toward the Gulf.  Stick a fork in me.

Over towards Houston, not so much.  The State of Texas and FEMA are responding in good time with helicopters, boats, the National Guard and every First Responder available.  All in all an incredible response.  It is NOT enough.   2000 rescues so far and that is just a drop in the bucket; the 911 system is overwhelmed with rescue requests.  The National Weather Service issued this statement:

“This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced.”

The Mayor of Houston is getting slammed for not issuing mandatory evacuation orders.  Really?   WTF?  8 million people affected and an evacuation order issued FRIDAY would have resulted in parking lots on every evacuation route almost immediately.  Now, on Sunday, many roads are closed due to high water so widespread evacuation orders are off the table. There is no good solution.

Volunteers are stepping in to fill the void with boats and jet skis. Neighbors are helping neighbors. This is Texas.

Exxon and Shell refineries are closed in Houston along with many lesser refineries.  They are estimating 4 million barrels per day are offline.  Normal country refinery capacity is around is around 6 million barrels per day.  Do the math.   Just this minute, 3 truckloads of pumpers came in to restart my wells so the crude oil is going to be flowing.  Refinery capacity is going to be big news in the days to come.  Fill up your vehicles.

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1 comment to Adios Harvey – 12 Noon Sunday

  • Glad to hear you came through ok. I’m isolated here in the desert with no TV, but I’m keeping my Texas friends in my thoughts.

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