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Plan B

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Down at the Office

I was released off my gate north of Fowlerton,TX on Thursday after 23 months onsite. The hardest thing to do was leave Tuco the Dog behind.

Currently I am chillin’ out at company expense whilst they look for me a new assignment; nice park too.  Vela Von is a trooper, just taking everything in stride with no apparent angst dealing with the only routine she has ever known abandoned.

I am catching up on laundry, sleep uninterrupted, junk food, and housekeeping things involving bowling equipment and unrelated trips to the storage room.  Ohhhhh, whiskey and beer – but not before 11am.

It is all good.

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1 comment to Plan B

  • Mike

    Enjoy your break, you have earned it. I hope the time off lasts just long enough.

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