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Oilfield Gate Guard Info

Oilfield Gate Guard Hiring and Contact Information

I have gotten a flood of requests for information regarding oil field gate guards and how other folks with recreational vehicles can obtain employment like Miss K and I did.  The following companies hire oilfield gate guards in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  I have not contacted most of the companies and do not know what opportunities they may or may not offer.  Be advised that most companies require two people because of the 24/7 requirements of the job.

Current contact info as of 06-11-13

OverWatch Enterprises LLC  830-589-3002

KC Services 956-236-5255 (John) (have some 12 hour/singles gates)

Pro Gate 830-776-8666 (Darold)

Trinity 979-241-1675 (Ben)

Oil Field Support Services 361-815-7050 (Dole)

Time Keepers   210-460-9892 (Lara)

Gate Guard Services 361-949-6992 (Sid)

Streamline Field Services 979-541-9883

LOMA 817-247-3080

A  very complete source of information is our Oilfield Gate Guard Message Forum.


What paperwork do I need to complete:

1. Independent Contractor Agreement (most of the companies)
2. W-9 for taxes
3. Agreement for Workers’ Compensation
4. Application cards for fingerprints and Registration application
5. Level II Security Officer Exam for the Texas Dept. of Public Services
6. Passport size photo

There is a fee – $68 I think- per person to obtain the security license.  The company you are applying to may or may not pay this fee.

Do me a favor and respect the daily time and effort that goes in to writing this blog and maintaining a message forum.   If you send me an email and it starts out something like “I was checking out your website because I was thinking about gate guarding.  Could you tell me about  __________  (fill in the blank)”  you might get a reply……. or maybe not.

99% of all the questions a gate guard wannabe can ask have most likely been addressed here in the blog or over on the message forum.  If you are serious, spend some of YOUR time and do the research.   To expect me to answer the same basic  questions over and over and over indicates to me a lapse in good manners. Sorry to be so testy but when I spend two days patiently answering a dozen questions from an individual and then suggest to them maybe it is time to do some research,  I don’t expect them to go off on me and rant about my rude behavior.   Pissed me right off, it did.

Do your research folks.

Use the ‘SEARCH’ function

Join the message forums and become an integral part of a growing online gate guard community.

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