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Who is this guy?


My name is Andy and I was born in 1955.   I am was married to Miss Kathy who figures prominently in my writings.  Our home 12 months out of the year is a 1993 Dolphin 32D motor home aka The Fish Bus aka The Old Girl 2010 PUMA 30RKSS travel trailer.  We have 21 acres in the High Desert of Terlingua,TX that we are developing for an eventual full time residence. (Property was sold Fall 2012)

Andy at a job near Coleman,TX  - July 2008

Andy at a job near Coleman,TX – July 2008

In 2001, I left Corporate America forever.  At that time,  I was recently divorced, the kids were grown and I was sick and tired and completely fed up with a 60 mile commute through the Dallas Metroplex.

Things got very interesting from that point on. I quit that six figure job with no thought to a future income source. Real smart, huh?  Some way or another it all worked out for the best.  These days I help my brother in the excavation business  Miss K and I make a living as oil field gate guards and make some money on the internet.  My commute is measured in feet – not miles- and I am loving life.

Miss Kathy

Probably the most sensible thing I have done over the past 2 years is to marry 105 lbs. of spittin’ hellfire named Miss Kathy.  She keeps me straight on this journey and makes sure my moral compass is straight and my integrity is on the level.  Without her in my life, I would just be getting older by inexorable degree.

Miss K is outta here as of 7-5-2014. It is what it is.  Time to move on. A lotta life left out there for me to experience.

One of my joys over the past 5 years has been learning about the RV lifestyle.  I am a blue collar kinda guy even though I had a title, an expense account and a closet full of expensive suits for years.  I got to that place in my life by working twice as hard as anybody else.  It did not leave much time for hobbies or recreation.  I am making up for that now  — believe me!  I bought the Fish Bus on a whim and I am glad now I did not get a new motor home.  I have always been a tinkerer and a better than average backyard mechanic.  Upgrading the systems and working on the Old Girl has been a fulfilling experience.  I hope you enjoy the part of my life I am sharing with you.

Andy in Terlingua 8/2011

Check the blog and other pages for all the details and twists and turns that landed me where I am today. This is a good place to start.

We live in interesting times, yes we do.

You can reach me via email here.




Miss K at Stillwell’s Ranch 9/2010 — one of my favorite pics because of the attitude and essence it captures.

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