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Guest Authors

Near Jasper, TX ca. 2009 when the blog started

Got Something You Want to Say?

I know plenty of people who started a blog with the full intention of writing regularly — I find them all the time when I am googlin’ around. A few posts and then nothing…. I can honestly understand that 100% — sometimes the words just aren’t there and sometimes when I go back and re-read some older blog entries here at MyOldRV….. well, lets’ just say those posts maybe shouldn’t have seen the light of day. Sometimes folks just figure out they ain’t got as much to say as they though they did.

You ever read any of the comments on my posts? Sometimes they are way more interesting than what I wrote. The readership at MyOldRv has evolved into quite the eclectic group here in the last 3 years – yep, we have a 3rd anniversary coming up just next month! What started out as mostly an RV and boondocking type deal has turned into something just a little bit harder to nail down. I tend to write whatever is on my brain and if all I ever thought about was recreational vehicles and parking somewhere in the bushes I am just afraid that would be dull reading. So regular readers get a splash of politics and religion, a pretty heft dose of history and a regular helping of mine and Miss Kathy’s every day life –FWIW.

So I figure some of YOU might have something you want to say as well – just stands to reason. Many of the comments would make for outstanding reading IMHO if they were fleshed out a little bit. I know for a damned fact I have some fairly frequent visitors who are way more literate than I am and write a whole lot better than I will ever be able. Maybe they will surface and give us all a big treat with some stellar stories….

So here is what I am going to do….

I am going to open up the blog for guest author submissions…. with some caveats.

  • Posts specifically about religion or politics will not see the light of day. One of my resolutions for this New Year is to try and keep those subjects out of the blog. Sure, you can touch on religion or politics but I won’t publish anything about how Obama is the Devil or why I should go to church every Wednesday night, OK?
  • All content should be original and not previously published.
  • Posts should be at least 500 words in length. Ain’t as hard as you might think –you are coming up on the 350th word in this post.
  • Pictures- are good. I like pictures. We are a curious bunch ya know? Pictures just flesh it out. Besides, you know what I say…without pictures it maybe didn’t happen.
  • Full credit with a link back to your website will be given.

For example, when I emailed My Bro that we were headed to West Texas, he sent me this back. To my way of thinking, there is an interesting story that goes along with this….

“Ozona was where Jack Doe (John’s brother) got drunk with a bunch of whores. passed out naked for a day on a big rock and then had to be hospitalized for sunburn. Apparently the <nether region> was never intended to be exposed to sunlight and somehow Jack wound up spread eagle upside down on the big rock. The whores stole all of his money but were apprehended at the border a few days later when they attempted to pawn his clothes.”

Now, you don’t read about that kinda thing everyday right? Yeah, I kinda thought that too. We have had guest author’s in the past and I called it Reader’s Write — just check that category out if you wanna see some stuff that was published in the past.

So if you got something you want to share, just send me an email to:


You will want to replace the (at) with @ just so’s ya know.

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