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Wilson Electronics Makes the Grade....

I sure have missed my Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO amplifier. It failed as all mechanical things eventually do.   The bidirectional cellular amplifier is a necessity — not a convenience in my RV boondocking environment.  Since the demise of the Wilson Amp I have been dealing with a signal that fluctuates between -95 and -109dbm.  Think in the terms of it taking 15 minutes to upload a blog entry.  It was excruciating but what are you gonna do?  Excruciating but better than the alternative of zero internet access.

When I called Wilson with the dead amp and they gave me instructions

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The Wilson 801245 Amplifier Fails

Wonder why there have been few posts lately? All things mechanical and electronic can fail. I turned on the Wilson 801245 bidirectional dual band cellular amplifier the other day.  Instead of 3 steady green lights, all 3 lights were flashing on and off and I was getting no signal boost.

Wilson 801245 SOHO cellular amplifier

The only thing to do was call Wilson Tech Support in St. George, UT USA. The 801245 amp was a few months past the 12 month warranty period so I was interested as to how they would handle the failure. Glenn answered

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The Ultimate RV Internet Access Project – Part Five. Equipment List.

After two weeks of research, the equipment to upgrade internet access in my motor home is on the way. Let’s look at it and I will try to explain why I bought each particular piece. Starting at the top….

The outside antenna from

Yagi 14 element dual band cellular antenna

CAY819 Dual Band/World Band Yagi  59.95 + $13.25 shipping =  $73.20

Outside antenna selection is so critical to an internet access setup.  The omni-directional antennas like the popular Wilson Trucker’s antenna are not a consideration.  The best omni antennas are less than 6db gain.  The good part is that they

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