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Things in the Road

Piddlin’ outside the NO Princess Palace

It is just sorta the way it goes down here in the Puckerbrush. The weather has been admirable; after all it is my favorite time of the year. A few mornings down into the high 40’s and then quick to warm up to 80 or better. Still shorts and sandals weather for sure. And then this morning, frost on the windshield of the Big Ass Suburban.  BAM!; just like that! No easin’ into it or getting acclimated. It just was.  I got a flowback crew that come in yesterday so I was out

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Arrested Development

Headscratcher for sure ………

Last night during our last foray outside before bed,  I saw something down the lease road at the very farthest limit of my floodlights.   This time o’ night I don’t just fall out the door like I am taking out the trash at my house on the corner of Fairyland Drive.  Don’t work like that down here…………..  First off,  Vela Von scoots out and if she doesn’t go into her all teeth and bad bark mode, I figure things are pretty safe for an Ol’ Fat Man to venture out of the NO Princess Palace.  Caution is

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The scenery hasn't changed

The pertinent chronology out of the way first:

101 days since I have left the property and been on a supply run.

315 days  since arrival at this location;  also corresponds with my last day off.

Vela Von at 11 months –

I had best intentions to go get groceries last week; honest.  My fill-in girl was otherwise engaged working out of a 12hr shack at two different locations. She is like me – you work as hard as you can when there is work to be had.  According to her, the coming week may be

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Sloppy Joes / Mac and Cheese

It is a curious wonder to me about the nature of folks.  I try my damnedest to steer clear of politics and religion here on the blog;  any one of ya’s that has been readin’ me for awhile knows I am of a decidedly conservative bent.  No big revelation there.  Every once in awhile My Other Bro Tittlemouse will drop in and visit for a bit and when it comes to politics, religion and the over all sorry state of general going’s on; you ain’t gonna shut him up…….. and so it was with my previous post.  Guarantee ya I

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