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Live and Let Live -- I Do My Best; Really

12:17am Friday, October 1st. I am sitting here at a late hour in a pair of green camo shorts from Wal Mart that I waited until the end of the season clearance to pick up. $5 bucks- pretty danged spiffy.

Bad Flying Monkey!

The camo shorts are artfully paired with a t-shirt that says “It is all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack” Quite the fashion statement, huh? Probably why

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A Little Good; A Little Bad

You know how it is with something, when it is not working right or it is just plain aggravating to be around, that you tend to shun it? I know that is my nature. Trying to get MyOldRV back in shape has been like that. It used to be like sliding on a comfortable pair of boots to come here and write. For the last several days, it has been about as pleasant as

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