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Ants in the RV – The ant problem revisited

Now ants in the RV is not a problem I can abide. These were black sugar ants; the red ants are meat ants. I had to do something so on the weekly supply run to Wal-Mart in Jasper I made a trip down the insecticide aisle for additional

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Holy Crap! Ants in the Bed!

It started with a semi-conscious awareness of maybe something crawling on me. I brushed at it and went back to sleep. Then again; and my sleep was turning more into wakefulness; I just wasn’t convinced yet. Then again and I was fully awake and I new something was crawling on me! It 5:15am and I was up for the day. Turning on the light revealed several ants in my bed. Not scores, not dozens but several. Thank goodness they weren’t Fire Ants or any other kind of bitey ants–just a medium sized little black ant. I pulled up the mattress at the head of the bed and there the little boogers were –dozens of them. I went and got the all purpose bug spray and murdered that crowd with no mercy shown.

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