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State of the State Ain't That Great

Tuco the Dog assisting

One of the axioms, in the Puckerbrush especially, was you never complain about it raining in Texas. Maybe it would be permissible to grouse about it? Perhaps? Folks are getting killed, bridges and houses washed away and still it rains. I know we needed it to break the year’s long drought hereabouts and every night the news reports how the reservoirs are filling by the hour. Still yet, hanging

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Caliche Blues

I am tired of the caliche dust that puffs up fine as smoke at the slightest breath of breeze or tire roll. I am worn by the drone of the diesels and the clatter of empty tankers. 13 Sundays have passed since our last time off.

Out before daylight this morning, the Carharrt Vest felt good at 48 degrees and a wind out of the northwest at 12. The weatherman can’t make up his mind

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Rambling Around II.......

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Two politically skewed posts in a row is quite enough, thank you very much. How about something with some real ‘meat’ in it?

You would think after 6 weeks of doing this oil field gate guarding gig, I would be getting used to it. Well, I am but one of the hurdles is finding something to do while staying within a 15 second range of the road. Yeah, there is

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