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Brush Country Santa

When you fall off down here into the South Texas Brush country to be an oil field gate guard the world as you know it changes. Stay down here long enough and you will be amazed when you venture back into the real world that everyone is not driving a white Ford F250 Super Duty.

I reckon me and Miss K have been down here and doin’ it long enough to offer up some advice about what kinda goods you might be needing to A) Survive and B) Make life a tad easier.  It ain’t rocket science but you may very well

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Batteries and Boondocking – The Last Piece of the Puzzle

I know there has been post after post on the blog concerning the problems and challenges

Messin' with the Boondocking Batteries

I have had with my house battery set up.  It is hard to convey the absolute dependence you have on a set of batteries when you have no access whatsoever to shore power.  I can’t pick up and go to an RV park or even get access to a common wall socket.   I can’t say I just have to make it through a weekend or a few days until I can get to some electricity.  I have nothing but

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Batteries and Boondocking - The Final Installment

Interstate 100ah and Universal 8D 250ah boondocking batteries

This battery saga has just about run its’ course. The new Interstate AGM batteries are performing fine.  At 100ah each, they are not going to power up an aircraft carrier but they do as well or better than expected in my RV.

I tried desulphation and equalizing to salvage the 2 8D 250ah monsters.  One of them is deader than a hammer.  The other one did respond and appears to have recovered quite a bit of its’  original power.  I tested it running the inverter for the last few days.  It will

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RV Generators – Exploring Other Options

The Generac 6.6kw generator on the Old Girl is getting to me.  80 hours of use so far with about 50 gallons of propane burned  — at $2.38 per gallon. Of course, it is not the generator’s fault I am unhappy. The old generator still runs like a champ. I am suspicioning my 8D AGM batteries may be getting old and tired. They are just not giving me the amps they once did and that means more charging.  Another factor is not working and spending more time inside the Old Girl because of the inclement weather.

My old Generac

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