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Belly Achin'

Little Blue steps up when the Big Gen goes down

If I was a mind to I could find something to complain,whine and bitch about every second of every live long day. Plenty o’ stuff!  Makes me tired just thinkin’ about it!  Matter of fact I entertained serious thought of just skippin’ the blog today and spendin’ time with Vela Von sittin’ in the sun.  But I got something to clear out of my head.  Read on.

I need to see if I got this right because from the amount of negative comments I am gettin;  maybe I been smokin’

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Everything Happens for a Reason

It was the day after Christmas and my butt was planted in the Big Ass Suburban headed up north 60 miles.   I told a local fella where I was headed and the what-for and he said “Aye God, that is a rough little burg!”   He was born and raised in Dilley, TX and he said that back in the 70’s when Dilley played this town in football it was the dreaded game of the season.  Seems they had a prodigious problem with sticky burrs/sand spurs on the field.  So much so that the Refs would hand the ball to the

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The Birthday Mission - Chapter 60

Rain and mud- An oil patch New Year

Saw a birthday come and go this past week – numero sesenta to be exact. Several folks called or emailed to wish me many happy returns on the day. My reply to all of them was pretty much the same. 2015 was a good year for me and I am thankful.  I worked when I wished and played more than I deserved. The fellowship during the 5 months at the Secret Hideout has no price and that time is a cherished memory.

The only thing lacking was some resolution to my lack

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Christmas Eve 2015

BFF Cait Christmas 1991

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