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No Groceries - No Bueno!

The crime scene – The holes in the roof went clean through 3/4 plywood!

Easter Eve 2017 – Tomorrow  marks the 4th Anniversary of the Murder of the Old Girl.  Lookin’ back now you know what sticks with me most?  The way all of y’all stepped up and opened those pocketbooks to help out during my unexpected financial crisis. No RV = no paycheck; serious business!   In the short 2 week period I had the Paypal Donate button up on the blog,  you folks made it possible to replace the Old Girl with the NO Princess Palace and I

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Spring Notes

Maintenance on Little Blue – the primary power source at the Secret Hideout

Spring is welcome here in South Texas. Renewal, new beginnings, anticipation of change; it is all good. This time last year I was just beginning what would turn out to be a 5 month long sabbatical at the Secret Hideout.  Sometimes your body and soul need a good recharge and you are not even aware of it.  That was the case last year.   Extraneous material goods were shed, my life was simplified and I got to spend good time with My Bro.   Wouldn’t change a minute of

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