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Disgusting Tales from the Pucker Brush

Riggin’ Up – Riggin’ Down

Used to be dealing with septic out here in the Brush Country was a bother but not a concern.  The Old Girl had a 50 gallon black tank that always emptied with s swoosh that made you glad you checked to make sure the connections were tight and the stinky slinky wasn’t UV-aged dangerous.  We get septic service and water weekly off the same truck.  Pumper Man sticks his poop wand in the end of the slinky and turns on his machine.  I crouch down beside the black tank gate valve and open it

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All Star List

An oldie picture from back in the day when we could have alcohol and firearms onboard the Old Girl — and the Belmont is today so it seems fittin'. I wrote many a post sippin' on some Blanton's

I was out and about early this AM doin’ RVing type stuff while it was cool. It is not hardly 8am yet down here in the South Texas Brush Country and the temp is already 84 degrees. Time to retreat inside to the coolness and pass the time until end of shift.

Just for the hell of it, I pulled up the

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Who's Gonna Stop the Rain?

Sometimes I think of our projects as a battle- a battle against

The "fixed" water crossing

the elements and a battle against the terrain. Having access to earth moving equipment gives me an advantage of “fixing” things to make life easier. The drive way into this location was a mess when I first pulled the Old Girl into the property. An improper culvert installation had caused the driveway to be cut by a fast flowing creek. I applied a quick, temporary fix in short order with the Deere 750B dozer as seen

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Conserving Water while Boondocking in your RV

Water conservation tips and tricks to utilize when boondocking on a long term basis in your recreational

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