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The Fabric of Life - Scotch Whisky and Association

Justin Wilson’s  friend asks “What kind of whiskey goes with this campfire?” and Justin says “What kind you got?”

I warned up everybody that I was gonna bring along some good whiskey and dollar cigars when we headed out on the West Texas Ramble and I was as good as my word.  Nothing suits me better than a tumbler of Blanton’s Single Barrel or some of that Weller Special Reserve and a good cigar.  I got started setting out of a evening when I was working with My Bro.  A little whiskey or a cold beer or two and a cigar

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

I can hardly remember what it was like when I was tied to Corporate America.  Well, that is not exactly true….  I remember it all too well but these days it seems like it was somebody else grinding it out in a suit and tie every day. These days I do several different things but the main one involves a bulldozer and my brother.  One of the favorite things we do during the course of the day is “Social Hour”.

The unique stopper on the Blanton's bottle.

It all started at a job  a few years ago close to Weatherford,

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