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If I Don't Scare the Cows, Who Cares?

Self Portrait – 12-22-2012. ” The wilder the hair the less people bother with me.”

Well, it is a few days before Christmas here at the Casa de Petro somewhere in the Western Eagle Ford, South Texas, USA.  The debit card took several near lethal hits and I stretched Amazon to the limit and endured the bitching and scathing stink eye of the Bad UPS Lady  to git ‘er done but it looks like I pulled it off.  There are several packages for Miss Kathy secreted in various crannies around the Old Girl.  I can’t say they are all

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Sunday Quickie

Late afternoon in Terlingua

About time I updated the Who is This Guy page since it has not been changed since ’round about Day One of this blog.  Sure have been a shit ton of changes in this country and my life since February of 2009.

Miss Kathy has contributed here but I never think she felt completely at ease doing so.   I would not expect a 100% Type A person like her to be that way anyhow.   She set up a blog last Fall and published some stuff in hit or miss fashion.  Since I rarely tell her exactly

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Fabric of Life - Tweet This.

Nah,  I don’t tweet or twitter.

I don’t have a smart phone.

There is a piece of clear tape over the cracked screen of my old Razr flip phone.  It works just peachy like that.  Thank you very much.

Billy Joe Shaver and Scott

I do have a blog though.  Damn right I can do this social networking stuff!   Somewhere along the way, in spite of my hermitly tendencies, I have managed to make some good friends through my blog/their blog/other people’s blog.  One of the best is my buddy Scott down Hill Country way.  I can’t remember how it all got

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Living the Oil Field Gate Guard Life...

blog – definition: A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links.

An oil field gate guard's view

We are into our third year of blogging; me and the Old Girl. Sometimes I question the usefulness of blogs, mine included. In some cases blogs can be an indispensable tool.

When we started thinking about all this oilfield gate guard business I punched up some of that Google Fu and found some blogs published by oil field gate guards. The blogs helped out a great deal with understanding the job. I would suggest any one thinking about this line of work

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