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My Broadband Internet Connection Hardware Updated

We take plenty of things for granted in every day life — especially if we live in a fairly populous area. Water when you twist the faucet, electricity at the flip of a switch, heat or cold air pouring almost silently out of vents, a TV with a bazillion channels and an internet connection so fast you could download the Library of Congress if you were of such a mind. Try doing all that as easily in an RV,OK? Different world huh cowboy? And of course if you are boondocking without the basic amenities, it

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Musings on a Broadband Aircard Connection

Keep in mind as you read this rambling post that I am not an expert in the field of broadband internet technology-whether it pertains to a recreational vehicle or not. I have been around the aircard end of this for quite awhile— all my equipment says Cingular on it and my connection package (which is no longer offered) is for unlimited use at $59/month.

I sometimes question how you can quantitatively measure the strength or quality of an aircard connection. When you are in a large Metro area, a good 3G connection is effortless. A good, strong

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