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Flat Frogs

Vela Von @ 8 months

That Vela Von is workin’ on my last nerve. When it rains down here in the Puckerbrush, nature kicks in a turbo charger or somethin’. Overnight it seems the air is full of gnats and skeeters and other insect UFOs and go outside about dark thirty and the gnats are so thick you can’t hardly catch a breath. And mucho frogs. You never see frogs around a parking

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Well, the good news is....

Shattered tempered glass

First part of the week, my bro and I had to fly to East Texas for 2 days. I left the Chevrolet Suburban at the local airport. The City maintains the former war time landing strip nicely even though the facilities there are not staffed. At some point during our absence, the City decided to mow the grass. When we returned to the airport, I discovered the left side

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