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Fabric of Life - The Good Dog Lost

My runnin’ buddy – Tuco the Dog

Label me jaded and you would be mostly right. Growing up as a veterinarian’s kid, animals were utility items.  Same as a John Deere tractor or a Stihl chainsaw.  You maintained them and cared for them as a matter of course because of the utility they afforded at some point.   You certainly did not befriend and name an animal whose tasty bits might be sizzling in a skillet next month.  That would be just plain silly.

Call me maudlin’ or name me as an overly sentimental old man but I have come to

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The Fabric of Life - Voice of Midnight

I didn’t know you before I was 14 years old, really

Voice of Midnight

Don’t want to go too soon
Don’t want to stay too long
Don’t want to go too quick into the night
Don’t want to linger on and on

Don’t want to leave you a mess
Don’t want to cause a fuss
Roll me into the hole
And cover me up

I’d like to know when it’s coming
Just a little time to prepare
When the voice of midnight comes
And into oblivion I stare

There’s no one waitin’ on me
No heaven or hell
The only vow I

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Just an end of the week mash up

My BF Cait calls yesterday and says” Whatdja get for Christmas?” Well, lets’ see.

I got some gel insoles to ease my tired old feetsies when I walk around on those mean ol’  caliche rocks.

I got a new Wrangler heavy winter shirt with snappers on it.

I got a Leatherman Wave.   I am studying on it to see what all those doo-dads are.  So far, it just makes my brain hurt.

When you wear a hole in the touchpad it is time for a new computer.

Oh,  I got a new laptop.  Cait says “NO WAY!”  She knows how particular I am

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Christmas Past

My BF Cait ca. 1990. When I look at her now, all grown up with a child of her own, this is what I still see. I think it will always be thus.

Taking a break until after Christmas…. Best wishes to all for a Happy Holiday Season.

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