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Dem's Good Beeble

Caliche Hell

It is sorta like this.

3 rigs drillin’

3 crews working on a gas facility

A pipeline crew that makes me look around to see if I am in a 3 Stooges movie

And then; just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, they decide to stage all the Haliburton frac equipment on one of our empty pads because they don’t have room for a 3 hole frac on the pad at the sister gate we just left.  So we got all the frac traffic –except for the caterer truck.  Gotta go back and see where my karma took a

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It's the dust colored one tire dude.....

AKA Surviving the South Texas Pucker Brush

The Suburban was the dustiest vehicle on the premises

Some of our Winter Texans that are planning on an oil field gate guard job invest quite a bit of time researching their new jobs before they head off down to South Texas and I gotta give ’em credit.  Miss Kathy calls it due diligence and thorough research is recommended because it is different down here.  A wonderful place to get tons of specific info is on our Oil Field Gate Guard Message Forum.  It is just chock full of helpful people.  So much stuff

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Hot and Bothered

There are a few little things that I really look forward to.  One of them is relaxing while I enjoy an uninterrupted meal.  All of you oil field gate guards will know what I am talking about. The gate slows down, you finally get to go inside the RV for a few minutes, you just set down to eat that sandwich and then DING! DING!   Enough to make you crazy!

Light tower, generator, fuel dump

About noon on Saturday, we had just finished a round of 100 rock trucks that had started the previous day.  Everybody knows keeping those rock

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Riding Herd on the Bad Boys

I wish! This sign was spotted just outside of Alpine, TX

Now, to some of you, this is gonna make sense and to others it is going to be like trying to understand Chinese arithmetic.  Most of a gate guard’s day is spent avoiding getting addlepated from the sun and swallowing a gallon of caliche dust.  All that changes if they are building new roads or drilling pads at your location.  Construction is the perfect storm of mayhem and outlaw cowboy behavior and I briefly touched on unruly behavior and how to get a handle on it recently.   In that

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