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I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

I am going about 3 different directions at once with this blog so make sure you are coffee’d up and paying attention.

I have a ZUNE  music player from Microsoft that I got back in 2009 and it used to be the cat’s ass.  You know I have never been one to jump on the latest and greatest bandwagon because it makes my brain hurt. Give me comfortable and familiar every time. What was not to like about the ZUNE?  It held 120gb of data and it was built like a brick.  For about a hunnert bucks a year, I had

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Fabric of Life - A Lifelong Love

When we scheduled our recent break from oil field gate guarding here in North Texas I was hoping it was going to be a slow period.  You see, we work harder when multiple rigs are drilling or multiple frac crews are working.  When we work harder, we get paid more.  I did not want to miss any of that extra cash  — and we didn’t.   On our return, one H&P FlexRig had shown up and they are going to be here about 2 months punching 3 holes so everything is good.   It is nice to get a little break from

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A Shot of Classic Rock

My Daughter

My daughter did a radio show on AFN this past Saturday. Her theme was Classic Rock songs that you don’t hear on typical Top 40 rock stations.

She is gaining an appreciation of the music that shaped a generation and changed the world. Though it is not part and parcel of her very fiber like my fellow baby boomers, she is starting to get it. Not bad for one that has not seen her 23rd birthday.

Here is her playlist which I think encompasses some of the best music ever written:

Elton John “The Bitch is Back”1974

Joe Cocker

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