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The Flower Garden

Puckerbrush flower garden -such as it is.

My flower garden ain’t much to look at huh? Under the drip from the fresh water fill on the NO Princess Palace gives it just that teeeny edge necessary to survive in this harsh environment.   I got an irritating habit of forgetting the water is on when I fill the tank and many times there is some blow by.   The wildflowers herald the start of Spring down here in South Texas and today was the first day to swap over to the summer uniform.
5.11 Taclite shorts, 5.11 Vented shirt and

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Short post because this has been my week………….

More rain

More mud

More cold

More sleep lost

Mo’ frac (insert period)

The end is in sight. (insert happy face emoticon)

For some perspective, I have not had a free and clear 20 minutes for the past 3 weeks to roast some coffee beans.  The way it works – for me anyway-  recently has been for me to stretch out on the couch any time there is not traffic coming over the horizon.  Sometimes I get one minute of respite and sometimes I get an hour or better.  The thing is you just never know and if you

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Boiled Coffee

Settin' up the new location

There is just something about the lust for money that will unerringly change the sweetest Grandma you ever met into Gordon Gecko.  I guess everybody wants a share of the oil money and it is doubly hard to sit by when it is your neighbor getting the money and not you.  Such was the case here west of Ft. Stockton.   The Old Girl and weed wash were set up right off the hard road with the rig being 2 miles farther in on a different owner’s property.  All the rig traffic had to cross

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It is what it is

Home Sweet Home– Montague County,TX

Being an oilfield gate guard, you have certain givens that are not going to change.

You will not be able to stray far from that sign that says STOP.
There will be dust.
It will be noisy.
Every day is different, one day bleeds into the next.  What day is it anyway?

It is hard to establish any sort of routine.  Miss K and I struggled with the shift schedules for at least the first two weeks we were here.  We finally settled on a 3 to 3 shift. When we tell someone that, they usually cock a

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