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Gate Guarding in South Texas - The Finer Points

My lonely neighborhood

Next month will mark the start of my seventh year as an oil field gate guard in the Texas oilfields.  From The Barnett Shale north of DFW to the Wolfcamp of West Texas to the puckerbrush of the Eagle Ford;  I guess I been there and done that.  Some people got the grit to be here and some don’t.  I have known more than one RVer who fell off down here and expected to be riding a biscuit train with gravy wheels. If you won’t come out of your RV because there is a buzztail under

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Just the facts…….

San Antone forecast – my temps usually run 3-5 degrees higher

It has been 52 days since I have been offsite for any reason.  A supply run is approaching critical mass.

I have been on this gate for 266 days straight without a day off.

This time last year I was winding down my time at the Secret Hideout and if I had my druthers I would be there stll yet.  Interestingly enough, that link parallels current events.  What is old is new again, eh?   Yeah, without a doubt, I would

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I killed a hunnert spiders

On that Amazon thing……..

MyOldRV has been an Amazon affiliate since Day 1 as far as I can be remembering.  When y’all click through to Amazon off this blog right here and buy something, ol’ Jeff Bezos gives me a couple percent of the sale.  Jeff is a smart fella and I am sure he is making more than the just about 10 cent I make when you buy something.  On the other hand, I bet I sleep more peaceful-like at night ’cause I ain’t got that weight on my shoulders that he bears.  I’ll take it my way hand’s down.


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Sleep Walking

Dammit, I had good and faithful intent to serve up a fine blog this morning.   Ain’t happening.  I am tired to death of myriad details of a burdensome few weeks.  It has been cloudy, drizzly, sprinkly, cold down here in the puckerbrush for four days straight — or maybe eight; I don’t exactly recall.   I do know that when you take a caliche rock road beat down and compressed harder than Little Blondie’s heart and add days of moisture on top of that hardpan you end up with a caliche gruel that just sloshes and slides across the top of

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