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Serving Our Country

In an earlier post,  I said I had been gone for a few days.  5 days to be exact and Miss Kathy had my back.  Thank goodness she is a lot tougher than she looks.

I went to my folk’s house outside of Baytown, TX because my best girl Cait was there along with the numero uno grandson Hank the Tank.   She was on leave from the Air Force for a few days and flew into Houston for a quick visit.

Cait and Dad – 2005

This whole thing began 6 years ago when she enlisted in the Air Force.  I

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Rock and Roll is a Viscious Game

Note from Andy:  When I wrote the second blog entry about TSGT Ron,  the news of Cait’s deployment was still fresh and raw on me.  I decided to wait to write about it.  Cait and I had talked about her doing some blog entries here while she was deployed –this was in my inbox from her this morning.

Of course I do not like it and of course I am not OK with it.  Of course I will support her in all ways possible.  She is leaving the more or less safe cocoon of the Air Force and reporting for

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