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Setting Up Camp

Moving from one gate guard location to another is a matter of course down here in the South Texas Eagle Ford play.  Sometimes it is every few days and sometimes it may be months.  We had been at the same location north of Los Angeles, TX since Labor Day and it had been a good run.  We got the word to move a few days ago and thankfully it was only a mile away and on the same ranch.   Setting up a new RV, cleaning out the Old Girl and moving locations has been tiring and stressful to say the

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Another Day in Paradise

Watching the news this winter morning and I see where the East Coast is bracing for the worst blizzard in 25 years and SoCal is searching for a vigilante cop killer.  Ain’t neither one of those events going to fly here in South Texas.  The weather here has been exemplary for the past 2 weeks — a couple of good little rains to settle the dust and the Mountain Cedar pollen– and temps in the 70-80 range during the day and 50s or so at night.  When it is this time of year I think to myself “Man, you cannot

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