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Sick Fish

My mind has been in the rough country where the mean dogs bark all night these last two weeks and it ain’t good. I got things need to be done but I just don’t have the give-a-damn to get up off of dead center and do ’em.

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I got a dog

People our age with a loved pet know when I say a dog is almost like a child to us. Especially a fine dog that spends every waking minute with you as a companion, never relegated to a back yard or neglected on the end of a tie out chain. They become a part of your life just as intrinsically as your young children did decades previous.

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Other People's Problems Are Not My Problems and vicey versey

A series of elucidatory vignettes

DIY coffee

I ran out of coffee this morning just as I brewed the last cup of the day in my Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker. Worked out just right but I gotta say, most of my days been working out about like that lately. The stars must be aligned just so and I am digging it. So on up in the morning, I got out the Hand-crank

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The Only Way Is Up

My slice of Pucker Brush

What is it they say? ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too.’ There was a shit ton of cake eating going on around the No Princess Palace prior to July 5th, 2014. I have never backed up to the pay window to collect my pay. Never will. Some folks do it with nonchalant aplomb. So it went down kinda like this. 900 miles straight driving out

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