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Readers write – Buying an Older RV

I have found what I think to be an awesome deal on a 1993 34′ Dolphin Diesel. I’m thinking about picking her up next month when I go home on R&R. Is the Dolphin a unit to start off with for a young family? Is it a comfortable unit? Is it easy to work on if you are mechanically inclined? Any quirks about your unit that you’d prefer not to have to deal with? How is the steering with the front axle set back the way it is?

Please consider these questions when you have

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Is an RV generator necessary for your motor home, fifth wheel or trailer?

I was changing the oil in my rv generator today and it got me to thinking. The generator in my 1993 Dolphin 32D motorhome is not the latest whiz bang technology. It is a Generac 6.6kw propane fueled RV type generator with almost 2000 hours on it. It has been nearly trouble free and the few things that have gone wrong with it like the voltage regulator was easily diagnosed and replaced by me with little effort.  I can’t say if the older, simpler technology has contributed to the longevity of this generator or not.  I do know

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