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A Full Days Pay; Harvey's Gone

Hurricane Harvey shortly after landfall

A few years back I hit a rough spot –Easter Sunday 2013 to be exact.  My RV – the Old Girl – was damaged beyond repair and the Big Ass Suburban was not driveable;  all in less than 5 minutes.  I remember well the feelings of hopelessness, despair and uncertainty.  I remember being overwhelmed and thinking ‘ I will never get through this.’  I did something I never thought I would do and asked for your help.  Without the financial help of all of you,  my recovery would have been much less successful.  The extra

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Sometimes it takes a village....

Stripping the Suburban – glass everywhere

We put a deposit down on a travel trailer today. Hard to imagine the Easter Storm was just 3 weeks ago yesterday.   I just now got around to unloading the Suburban to the bare floors.  Nothing else would do to get all those little pieces of glass out.  It was due for a good spring cleaning anyway.  I think about alot of things these days.  What if there would have been a tornado to go along with those big hails?  Usually when hail does get that big there is a tornado in the

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We Live in Interesting Times

It has been an interesting 2 weeks since I posted detailed info about the Easter Storm.  Of course, reading that blog entry, you will soon realize a good part of it – down toward the end anyway – consists of a bleg.   A begging blog.   I asked for some help.

The Gadsden Flag–Soiled and dirty after the Easter Storm blowed it down in the caliche mud

My anticipation when I asked for PayPal donations was that some folks were going to think it was worth a few bucks and hit the DONATE button;  and them that weren’t having such a good

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