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Boiled Coffee

Settin' up the new location

There is just something about the lust for money that will unerringly change the sweetest Grandma you ever met into Gordon Gecko.  I guess everybody wants a share of the oil money and it is doubly hard to sit by when it is your neighbor getting the money and not you.  Such was the case here west of Ft. Stockton.   The Old Girl and weed wash were set up right off the hard road with the rig being 2 miles farther in on a different owner’s property.  All the rig traffic had to cross 800′ 

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An oasis of light

Best time of day if you ask me.  The sky is just tinging  to the east and at 68 degrees, I am knowing that temperature will be bested by half again as much by days end.  I can hear a truck rattling up the hard pan caliche road, probably more than a mile away yet.  I know he is coming here;   not much else doing out this far.   The big Cat stationary motors are growling up on the ridge.  If I listen just right I can pick up on the one running the big pumps on

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