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You Just Gotta Hang In There........

You know how many picnic areas there are coming up from San Angelo

Digging yet more tools out of the Suburban for attempted generator repair

to North Texas?  I got a pretty good idea anyhow  because I stopped at most of ’em as we wound our way back to the jobsite Monday afternoon.  Up through Ballinger and Clyde; Breckenridge and Graham, I welcomed the respite compared to the mind numbing sameness of some of that West Texas interstate.

It was damned hot and we had no AC in the Old Girl without the generator.  The dash air and 2 12v fans

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Sweltering in the Crushing Texas Heat

Well, this is a different scenario for me but life is full of challenges, right? Every jobsite that I have parked the Old Girl at over the past 3 years has either had 50 amp service or no service. I modified the 30 amp service common on older RVs so I could run BOTH air conditioning units on 50 amp service. On the older 30 amp recreational vehicles you cannot run both AC units on shore power. The generators are configured with two electrical circuits. One 30 amp to supply the onboard RV power and

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Simultaneous use of 2 Air Conditioners in a 30amp Coach

I just don’t understand some of the design aspects of the older 30amp motor homes. Particularly when it comes to the air conditioners. Most 30 foot and better Class A coaches have front and rear AC units. With a 30amp power source like you would get from a shore power connection you can only run one air conditioner at a time

What? Doesn’t that seem crazy? I know in Texas during the summer one AC unit will not even come close to keeping my recreational vehicle comfortably cool. If you think about it though it makes

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