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Dispatches from the Secret Hideout

Big Ass Suburban and Princess Palace on the launch pad

If you haven’t had a day off in 6 months,  what do you do when you finally get some relief?  Most folks do the 9-5 Monday till Friday and look forward to an occasional extra day off when there is a holiday.  It don’t work that way in the Oil Patch.  We have been on 24/7 since the Trek East back around Thanksgiving; Christmas Day, MLK Day, Easter Sunday  — all the same same from where we were sittin’ and it takes its’ toll.

It seemed things just lined up right

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Two Ways

I decided since we live so perilous close to the edge out here in the pucker brush that needful action is in order for 2014.   It is not just the blowdown winds, big hails or buzz tails as big as your arm and long as your leg we gotta worry about doin’ our gate guard thing.  King Obama could unleash the hounds of hell on us most any day as well .  I think it prudent to get the house in order much as it is possible and that means havin’ two ways to do most things.  Two ways to

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