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You're not in Kansas anymore.

Vela Von at one year old

A coupla years back we scheduled a week or so off the gate and on the appointed day the relief gate guards the company had selected showed up so we could be on our way.  The old man that crawled out of that F-250 so slowly concerned me.  He was all hunched over and stove up, walking with a cane.  He had to turn his head sideways to look me in the eye and he must have noticed some concern on my face because he said ‘Don’t fret,  I been to this rodeo

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Dammit!  Where you been?

There has been rig washing.

Involving yourself in the South Texas oil business requires more than a traditional 9-5 weekday sacrifice.  Any worm quickly finds that out.  Nothing is written in stone where a workday has no bounds and job duties have no limits.  It is the nature of the game and the measure of the man and you get it done with no sniveling.  It is what it is and what it has always been. The oil patch is its’ own special world.

For years I have been tethered by

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Late Winter Shorts

Me and Tuco the Dog ON DUTY

This past Wednesday was the first official Shorts Day for South Texas.  Think the temp got to about 90 or so. It is not unusual to see 50 degree swings in temperature from night to day this time of year. I got my Carhartt vest and long pants on this morning with temps in the 40s.  We are expecting 70s by late afternoon.  If you are one of those folks who thrive on set routine and sameness of life, South Texas +Gate Guarding is probably not for you.

Being as how the weather

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The Toll of the Task

Nomad Camp seen through a rainy windshield

Life takes up a whole lotta my time.

It is getting about that time of year when the interest in gate guarding starts to increase.  Many of the folks who are planning on being down here in the Fall are getting their preparations in high gear right about now.   Judging by my responses regarding our nomadic lifestyle,  many folks have seen a change in lifestyle over the past year and are now living in some sort of recreational vehicle.  Not a thing wrong with that!   I got more than one email back after

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