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Just Go Ahead and Procrastinate....

A month ago Miss K and I were taking hot showers with out even turning on the hot water heater.  Yesterday morning right before daylight it was 49 degrees.  It was cold!  I was cold.

Miss K earning the BIG BUCKS

If I wasn’t such a procrastinating SOB I wouldn’t be bitchin’ so bad right now.  But you know how humans are, we can justify anything if we think about it long enough.  The trip back from Terlingua wasn’t the easiest RV road trip we have ever made by a long shot.  Diesel spewing from a broken fuel line and

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Winter Heating for Your RV - 2011 Edition

Every year about this time I re-visit the subject of winter heating for your recreational vehicle. This post from 2009 explores how we stay warm in the Old Girl through a moderate Texas winter.   I am thankful we don’t try to winter over farther north in an RV.  They are just not made to endure day after day of extreme cold.  I do have one reader that I know of, Coal, who winters over in a Fiver In Canada so it can be done. I am not that tough by a long shot.   Boondocking during a mild Texas winter is

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Vesuvius Erupts

I do not suffer fools easily;  least of which myself.  A cathartic blog post follows.




I have a monumentally bad temper. Back in the days when I wore a suit,  controlling that horrible temper was an undercurrent that flowed just barely beneath the surface.   I had one of those pressure cooker jobs that put me in direct contact with a few hundred ne’er do wells on a daily basis.  Dealing with road outlaws that operated on the far edge of civility most times will test a man trying to do the right thing.    Daily start up  on a my-life-as-I-knew-it back then

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