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A Special Corner of Hell

The Fish Bus in the thick of it

Want to know about our short assignment following the frac crew outside of Bowie, TX?  Well, it went like this. Miss K had to rush out and buy both of us fire retardant clothing to the tune of $171 — we footed that bill.   We already had the steel toed boots and hardhats, safety glasses etc.

We rolled up just outside of Bowie, TX while the frac  crew was still rigging up.   After receiving a crash course in safety procedures and what EOG wanted from us we set to work.   The short

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A Gate Gone Bad

Our neighborhood

I would say we have had tens of thousands of vehicles pass through here in the past months.  We got paid well when we were processing 1000 vehicles a day through here.  I can’t complain but I do question, looking back now, how long we could have held that frenetic pace.

Both Miss K and I welcomed the respite when the last of the rigs pulled out of here sometime in August.   100 or so vehicles a day is a cakewalk and the weekends are especially nice.  This past Saturday was a good day;  a good November Texas

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Burn the House Down!

It was just another day of oil field gate guarding.  Trucks in/trucks out. Wave. Write. Piddle.  Don’t matter what day it is, the view never changes.

Muenster VFD on the scene

Then one of my regulars skidded up to the stop sign and hollered out the window “Got a fire on the hill!  Muenster is on the way!” and he roared off.  Even with my bad hearing, I could hear the warble of sirens in the far distance.

I hollered to Miss Kathy and she joined me outside. We looked up the hill towards the active sites which are over a

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