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Winter Heating for Your RV - 2011 Edition

Every year about this time I re-visit the subject of winter heating for your recreational vehicle. This post from 2009 explores how we stay warm in the Old Girl through a moderate Texas winter.   I am thankful we don’t try to winter over farther north in an RV.  They are just not made to endure day after day of extreme cold.  I do have one reader that I know of, Coal, who winters over in a Fiver In Canada so it can be done. I am not that tough by a long shot.   Boondocking during a mild Texas winter is

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You Just Never Know….Unexpected Boondocking Off the Grid

And then the power went off, blinked back on, went off, came on and then went off for good. Or NOT good; whenever it does that you can be pretty sure it is gonna be off for awhile. Just the other day when I was out driving the backroads I thought to myself what a nightmare it must be maintaining the electric lines through the thick Pine Forests. The Old Girl is equipped to boondock. The TV and DISH receiver run of my small inverter as does the one outlet where the laptop and Wilson internet amplifier is plugged in so I was not suffering by any means. The Trimetric 2020 battery monitor said I was drawing almost 8 amps off the battery bank which is pretty high but this was not going to last very long,

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