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Fabric of Life - The Flower Path

In the space of two weeks, this became………

The morning dog romp is in the books and I am all jacked up on that Community Coffee.  Seems like a good time to try and arrange some electronic ones and zeros into what eventually might be a weekly blog post.


I like to count time;  sometimes the days blur and I have trouble recalling if it is Wednesday or Saturday………….. so I count.  It has been 97 days since I have been out for supplies.  That is gonna have to change in the very  near future.   It has been 503 days

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The Fabric of Life - Inside Out Empty

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” —Will Rogers

I am about to get ahead of all this dog hair. The fine silky black hair that engrained itself in the carpet, settled in out of the way crevices and wafted through the air to land in whatever I was cooking was a royal pain.  Every day sees less evidence of a good dog gone. The dog bowls have been washed and stored away. Her leftover dry food and dog treats went to the Ranch dogs.

It was a month

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Fabric of Life - Wrongfun

Been awhile since I did a Fabric of Life piece.  I am overdue for real.  If you had your heart set on some reading material focused on soft little kitties and magic ponies, you hit the wrong place today.  Just sayin’…………

My maternal grandparents. Stern stock

I do not think there has been a day go by lately that I read or see or hear something about goings on out in the world that don’t make me wonder “What are those people possibly thinkin’ ??”   This week seems to be a standout in that regard. Muslim refugees are over-running the EU

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The Fabric of Life - Voice of Midnight

I didn’t know you before I was 14 years old, really

Voice of Midnight

Don’t want to go too soon
Don’t want to stay too long
Don’t want to go too quick into the night
Don’t want to linger on and on

Don’t want to leave you a mess
Don’t want to cause a fuss
Roll me into the hole
And cover me up

I’d like to know when it’s coming
Just a little time to prepare
When the voice of midnight comes
And into oblivion I stare

There’s no one waitin’ on me
No heaven or hell
The only vow I

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