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Sourdough and Post It Notes

Prime Pantry to the rescue

It has been 8 weeks since I did a supply run. The last time I took Tuco the Dog to the vet as a matter of fact.  Things are getting a might slim in the pantry around here.  2 eggs left, no onions, the fresh veggies long gone, plenty of bacon though which means I am not totally bereft.  Thank  goodness for Amazon Prime Pantry.  A man wasn’t made to live long without peanut butter, Nutella, tuna fish, TP and frosted pop tarts.   Prime will send you 40lbs of dry groceries for $5.99 shipping if

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Tough it out? Not so much.....

The hair cuttin’ was something else all together. Little Blondie steadfastly refused to cut my hair and with good reason I reckon. She knew I would be a whiny little bitch if she messed it up but this long hair curling over my collar was driving me bat shit crazy not to mention it being hotter than 5 kinds of hell these days. Somethin’ just had to

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