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Short post because this has been my week………….

More rain

More mud

More cold

More sleep lost

Mo’ frac (insert period)

The end is in sight. (insert happy face emoticon)

For some perspective, I have not had a free and clear 20 minutes for the past 3 weeks to roast some coffee beans.  The way it works – for me anyway-  recently has been for me to stretch out on the couch any time there is not traffic coming over the horizon.  Sometimes I get one minute of respite and sometimes I get an hour or better.  The thing is you just never know and if you

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Is I Just Stoopid?

5 years ago this week; somewhere east of Jasper, TX. different life -different world

I am finishing up a blissful 30 hours of limited traffic while the frac crew nipples up for the last 3 holes.  During the next 18 hours, all the contractors and accessory folks necessary to run this frac will be back onsite and ready to rock and roll.  These fellas are fast and I commented on that to one of ’em the other day and he said they are doing a zipper frac. At any rate, I am ready for ’em after getting several hours of

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too cold

too muddy

too tired

…….and the  frac goes on

mud, mud boards, frost proofed world

Sleep Walking

Dammit, I had good and faithful intent to serve up a fine blog this morning.   Ain’t happening.  I am tired to death of myriad details of a burdensome few weeks.  It has been cloudy, drizzly, sprinkly, cold down here in the puckerbrush for four days straight — or maybe eight; I don’t exactly recall.   I do know that when you take a caliche rock road beat down and compressed harder than Little Blondie’s heart and add days of moisture on top of that hardpan you end up with a caliche gruel that just sloshes and slides across the top of

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