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Surviving an Arctic Blast in your RV

January 2011 — The Old Girl says 'Damned if it ain't chilly!"

The weather report  for the next few days is setting off my Freeze Alert radar and I remember getting several reports from readers last year that detailed problems with their water systems when the weather turned cold.

Lets’ talk about our gate guard setup first.  The service trailers for the company  we work for have been almost identical.  Fuel tank on the front, 550 gallon fresh water tank in the center and diesel generator sitting on the rear.  The fresh water outlet comes out of the tank and enters

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Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Mud and Snow, Snow and Mud

I guess I am pretty good at preachifying and handing out advice to readers of this blog. I do it all the time – just like the other day when I was talking about Winter Survival options.  I was feeling pretty danged smug and sure of myself for real.  Now don’t read me wrong here.  The advice in that post was all good solid stuff based on experience and logical reasoning. Nature has a way of humbling you and showing you who is boss when you think you are on top.  My

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Unexpected Consequences of the Frigid Temps

I woke up at 4am Saturday morning.  It was 56 degrees inside the RV; 12 degrees outside with a 16mph wind out of the north .  I had gone to bed with the Mr Heater Little Buddy turned off,  the Suburban furnace was set at 50 degrees.  Both electric heaters were running.  A trip to the bathroom  — and NO water.  Crap!  So I tried to shake off the fog of sleep and figure out what was going on.  The Old Girl is facing east.  The drivers side was north and getting the full brunt of the north wind.  I

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